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    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Gameplay Discussion

    CH 6P is rather easy to confirm if you train yourself to react to it, not to sound pompous or anything. Midscreen CH 6P > BB or CH 6P > recover > dash 5K is very consistent. In the corner it is still very easy because you can chain out of the normal so late with 5H/2H or Gunflame.
  2. Nakkiel

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Combo Thread

    Hmm, okay, thank you! I've doing the air combo ender also and wondering if I was missing something but I guess not Too inconsistent to get the height right off most confirms.
  3. Nakkiel

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Combo Thread

    Not sure if it's been listed somewhere just yet, what is the optimal (or near-optimal) combo vs. characters that Fafnir > BB doesn't connect on? Particularly I-no where Fafnir > dashing GF > 5S > Kudakero doesn't connect. I don't want to lose out on the stun and would like to know what you guys have been doing. JP vids I've been checking for usually just do air combo ender.
  4. It's setting up an okizeme situation in challenge mode so you learn how to combo from your setups. Is there a part you're having trouble with?
  5. Only option would be 6P with swords, otherwise you have 6P/6S for -SH
  6. The falling hit that you would even try to 6P takes much longer to come out than that, it's just an issue of her 6P not being good enough to beat it out, nothing to do with speed.
  7. Nakkiel

    [P4AU] Yu Narukami Combo Thread

    As I've posted before, you can definitely safejump Yosuke's DP with the correct timing, it's just really unforgiving. And you can never safejump Kanji's DP with a non-persona attack, don't bother. For Kanji, you can play RPS with him by using safejump j.B / jump air backdash zio / j.C ZC. You can also meaty 5C and react to the dp but you are vulnerable to grabs. You can also try to use 5D for oki after 214B ender.
  8. Nakkiel

    [P4AU] Yu Narukami - Gameplay Discussion

    236B midscreen gives you a safe jump. Not worth spending resources on it since the prorate is awful.
  9. Nakkiel

    [P4AU] Yu Narukami - Gameplay Discussion

    That's not what he's asking. At certain ranges if you do a 214 feint, if the opponent stays on the ground and you fall with j.2B it will cross up.
  10. Nakkiel

    [P4AU] Yu Narukami - Gameplay Discussion

    You can actually safe jump Yosuke with j.B(1). You just have to do the j.B as late as possible and only get the first hit to connect. This worked in P4A at least, haven't checked in P4U2. Spaced out j.C > zio cancel is useful vs them and you can also make them never want to reversal again with IAD back j.236C CH
  11. Nakkiel

    [P4AU] Yu Narukami - Gameplay Discussion

    5A > 5C 5B > 2C 5B > backdash cancel > dash 5B stuff into A lion, etc. You can pretty much delay anything he has to frame trap lol
  12. Nakkiel

    [P4AU] Yu Narukami Combo Thread

    You don't need CH throw to do RE in the corner, you don't need to do the B+D(1) (214B > RE works) at the end either. It's likely already going to kill since it pretty much always does at least 6K or you're just trying to be cool :P
  13. Nakkiel

    [P4AU] Yu Narukami Combo Thread

    CH 2B > time 5C > IAD j.A > j.2B > 5C > sj.B > j.C > j.214B does 2521
  14. Nakkiel

    Award Nominations

    Final Round went by during the DL update I believe. Top 3 was Kiba(winner), Ivysaur(don't think he has an account?) and myself
  15. Nakkiel

    Kokonoe or Brokonoe?

    vzkjfjwgljhajklzlz..mz,aljfljksadglkja aksfljkgljkǫᴜʏɪᴛᴊʜɢᴊʟʜ;ᴀʟʜᴊɢ thought i would contribute
  16. Shi shin > xx > 2C[m] > 6D > delay 4B > Shi shin > IAD back > 6C(2) > Chinroutou RC last hit > 2D > Shi shin
  17. Don't bother going for mixup then. It's rather easy to completely keep Tager at bay this game with the addition of 4B[m] along with the usual tools. It's tough when he gets on you but you're aiming to not even get to that point in the first place.
  18. You fight Tager the same way you've fought him for 4 games now lol If you're really hurting for some matchup knowledge, read the EX archive threads. Litchi really isn't that different.
  19. Both j.Bs feel like they have wider hitboxes now. j.C]e[ likely had it's hitbox slightly reduced to prevent her from using it as an instant overhead on larger characters. That combined with jump changes 100% killed it, I don't think you can even fuzzy guard anymore.
  20. It's almost purely vertical.. I tried using 4B out of Valkenhayn pressure and we both just whiffed through each other and I got punished :/
  21. 4B is extremely difficult to actually use as an anti-air (at least it's godly for staff call hit confirms as expected) and ground Hatsu is no longer head invuln. Give yourself a good 15 minutes at least to get used to her new jump velocity and height.
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Yrgu3muedmw#t=2365 time stamped
  23. Uhm, Shounen played plenty of CSEX and was in multiple tournaments. He doesn't play CP, I don't remember the reason why. Perhaps someone else does.
  24. Nakkiel

    [CSE] Litchi Faye Ling - Combo Thread

    Staff 2 is the second hit of staff call. Set 2D or 5D on the ground and press it once more, the first hit is "staff 1" and the returning hit is "staff 2".
  25. I imagine 6C[m] -> 2D is still +frames, the risk is being hit in between or having your opponent jump out of 6B 6C and CH punish you.