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  1. Big Bang Beat Revolve

    The romanization is 'shimai' for sisters. Kyoudai(兄弟) means brothers.
  2. Why are Rachel a puppet and Makoto just a stick?
  3. BuruRaji - Emergency Charity Special http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1301034919 It's only 10 minutes long.
  4. For now it's only what I could find. I'm currently working on subbing the op. This time I'll do 2 version: karaoke and karaokeless version.
  5. It's already confirmed that Song Accord #2'll have Shinsou, Mu/Makoto/Valkenhayn/Platinum's theme songs and console's musics.
  6. Melty Blood

    I want a CC tier list, if there is.
  7. Melty Blood

    Don't forget the almighty pressure string: 2AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, omgIhitconfirmed, combo. Is there already a tier list? Sion is still high tier? :3
  8. Probably that, plus Cancel(ok, it's homing) and (kind of)Burst.
  9. Buy sugocana instead. It runs pretty well on Pcsx2 :3
  10. Players =p Freeda is Lieselotte-player, and Henboku Lilica-player(he won a SBO before)
  11. No, it's surprisingly compact o.o From Arcadia April/2010(at SLeon's blog) ===[Kyamei]=== [A+] Akane, Weiss, Lieselotte, Elza, Catherine, Lilica, Scharlachrot, Maori [A ] Heart, Clarice, Petra, Nazuna, Konoha, Kamui, Yoriko, Zenia [b ] Saki, Dorothy, Eko, Angelia, Mei-Fang [C ] Kira, Fiona ===[Kami Konoha 12P Color]=== [A+] Lieselotte, Heart, Akane, Weiss, Elza, Nazuna, Catherine [A ] Petra, Yoriko, Clarice, Eko, Kamui, Saki [b ] Maori, Konoha, Angelia, Mei-Fang, Zenia, Fiona, Kira, Dorothy, Lilica, Scharlachrot
  12. Any news about a patch release? Or is it out already?
  13. New episode for June 3rd /o/ Trailer: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1274082351
  14. It's easy to post on YouTube. But I think everyone are more interested on translation, which'd be a (blood)pain x.x
  15. There's a contest at BB's site about 1-koma to be shown at Moshimono(one of the BuruRaji corners) Simply they provide 2 1-komas: - Rachel(fascinated in front of a desktop PC) and Makoto - Jin and Bang(eating?) and you have to send what they should be talking on one of the situations. More at: http://blazblue.jp/topics.html#topics81