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  1. Akira

    Big Bang Beat Revolve

    The romanization is 'shimai' for sisters. Kyoudai(兄弟) means brothers.
  2. Probably that, plus Cancel(ok, it's homing) and (kind of)Burst.
  3. Buy sugocana instead. It runs pretty well on Pcsx2 :3
  4. Players =p Freeda is Lieselotte-player, and Henboku Lilica-player(he won a SBO before)
  5. No, it's surprisingly compact o.o From Arcadia April/2010(at SLeon's blog) ===[Kyamei]=== [A+] Akane, Weiss, Lieselotte, Elza, Catherine, Lilica, Scharlachrot, Maori [A ] Heart, Clarice, Petra, Nazuna, Konoha, Kamui, Yoriko, Zenia [b ] Saki, Dorothy, Eko, Angelia, Mei-Fang [C ] Kira, Fiona ===[Kami Konoha 12P Color]=== [A+] Lieselotte, Heart, Akane, Weiss, Elza, Nazuna, Catherine [A ] Petra, Yoriko, Clarice, Eko, Kamui, Saki [b ] Maori, Konoha, Angelia, Mei-Fang, Zenia, Fiona, Kira, Dorothy, Lilica, Scharlachrot
  6. Any news about a patch release? Or is it out already?
  7. I don't know if everyone already saw this but... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkyQqrmo-I0
  8. Kira is overpower, and I think Kamui is top =D I need Weiss matchs /o/
  9. Please do it. You've done a good job \o/ And do a new character section. AH's char section sux a lot =(
  10. http://www.examu.co.jp/arcanaheart3/ They finally updated the site with info and other things. Next loketest this weekend o.o And... op :3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Wrjo6R4LmM
  11. Akira

    BLAZBLUE Continuum Shift : Changes

    I don't know if it was already posted but... new modes for arcade: - the old Arcade Mode - Score Attack Mode: A+B then hit Start - Sparring Mode: C+D then hit Start
  12. I hope that at least it doesn't turn like AH2's port after x.x Looking forward to play with Weiβ XDDD(what a strange name x.x) And it's near.... 2009's winter /o/
  13. Weiβ's seiyuu is Sawashiro Miyuki =D (Canaan, BlazBlue's Carl Clover, SF4's Cammy, Rozen Maiden's Shinku, and many others, and, if someone takes into account, Decade's Kivaala)
  14. Akira

    Arcana Heart 2

  15. Akira

    Arcana Heart 2

    Where is Arcana love? AH3 coming at the end of the year o.o