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  1. DoomieJ

    [CS2] Valkenhayn Technical Discussion

    Sorry if i didnt see it, does anyone know if valk can combo off his command grab mid screen?
  2. DoomieJ

    Q&A about Joystick Building, Parts, and Purchasing

    Stick sucks, buttons are stiff, but it is somewhere to start if you are going the cheapo route. My suggestion would be save up and get a real piece of hardware.
  3. In there like swim wear. I can probably bring a setup for GG and BBCS2.
  4. ide think about coming if team stickbug ran it. just saying.
  5. DoomieJ

    Post up your arcade stick.

    since noone has posted a guilty gear stick in ages, ill post up pics of my stick tonight.
  6. My bday party is gonna totally ruin any chance i have of coming to this. But everyone have fun, play that gear if it isnt a tourney game anyway. Ahmaad is the Guilty Whisperer.
  7. Wait....on the WC banging a stripper is hard? If i have money, im going. and definatly not to enter any of those shitty evo games.
  8. DoomieJ


    ide try something like 5C CH bolt myself.
  9. DoomieJ

    [CS1] Iron Tager Video Thread

    that noel sucked. but since there are only like 3 noels ive ever seen in america worth respecting, i wont hate.
  10. DoomieJ

    Lord Knight's question thread

    Why is NJ so great at anime? Seriously, why can you combo gold bursts in CS2? Has Arcsys lost their minds? Litchi still an okay matchup vs arakune or terrible in CS2?
  11. DoomieJ

    Soul Calibur 5

    Hopefully this game will be a bit more balanced than IV. And they dont do that gay DLC shit like they did with yoda/vader.
  12. MarlinPie for the tournament ranking award. Hes a fucking beast.
  13. Zidane, why does your part of the forum suck more dicks than the bang forum? Why the fuck are people posting cosplay in a place where i am supposed to spam to fucking death to make it interesting. Instead of that faggot cosplay shit, watch this. Way more manly + educational.