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  1. i'm really tired of not being married to you, omg
  2. seriously faultydefense let's talk about mad struggle feint for free in any situation off any jump cancel without worrying about timing being screwed by variable hitstop or the third hit of c.s maybe not hitting or Every character can find something to do with this. Vet was going on and on about Sol's applications for this to me. Super dumb
  3. Are you saying that if you somehow mash 41236 out in one frame, you think the game will interpret this as a half circle motion Because this is the same as saying that if you press left, down, and right simultaneously on a hitbox you will get a half circle motion Because this is the same as saying that holding down-right is a quarter-circle motion Holding down-right is not a quarter-circle motion. All the game can know is "Since the last time we polled input, X switch(es) have triggered and X switch(es) have untriggered." You could... Theoretically poll multiple times per frame, but in practice no game does this. This is why if you hit from down left to down right particularly quickly, the game just doesn't see a down motion. It sees, "down is triggered, right is triggered, the state is "down-right." I gah
  4. You know very well there are people who are highly skilled who are also highly obstinate and are eager to use this at any chance they want just to prove a point that it should be banned. In fact, I was just talking to one two days ago, someone whose skill vastly outstrips my own who nevertheless has lately been practicing macro abuse stuff purely to encourage TOs to ban it. And even at a lower level... Sure, maybe random people can't beat the proest of pros in major tourneys. But if it's not banned, it does let people scam local wins in weaker areas, win monthlies they absolutely should not. People will do most anything if they can get some money out of it. Does it cheapen the GG community? Yes, absolutely. Which is the major problem.
  5. as a venom player I am actually pretty cool with getting mad struggle feints for free in every situation I want, actually. It's not much but it's there.
  6. Baiken's guard cancels will activate during hitstop, yes. However, DAAs will not. Meaning, yes, perfect 1-frame Sakura will hit the opponent during hitstop EVERY TIME. level 1 moves have 11f hitstop, Sakura hits on frame 10, you cannot even cancel to an invincible move to get through it. If you are in Sakura range, you WILL be hit by Sakura. Edit: Just double-checked to make sure, yes it definitely still works this way. To be clear, you CAN currently do perfect 1-frame counters with Baiken. But the way it's done is by entering 412 ahead of time, going back to block, and hitting the button the frame during the first frame of blockstun - if your timing isn't dead on, you probably get hit, it's an even bigger callout than slashbacking. This reduces this "this pretty much never happens" thing to "this breaks the character right open." It's completely absurd, this should obviously never be allowed in competitive play, it's VASTLY stronger than what Justice gets out of it.
  7. Adelheid

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Right, that's really my question I guess, if you could start doing an SB move early so that the grab animation doesn't need to start because Shabrys is in a state where she can't do moves. Thanks stunedge!
  8. Adelheid

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    You said she gets persona back during wakeup. Does that mean she can do persona moves during wakeup (Like Carl calling stuff during burst) or just as wakeup ends?
  9. Adelheid

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    This doesn't account for the inability to call moves in blockstun during Titanomachia Glitch, though. If there was any way at all to make persona attacks happen during blockstun, I'd have known about it and much of my gameplay would've been centered around it. She never needed to jump to do it, though? Jumping was an easy way to input it but you could buffer it in to anything. Except being hit or in blockstun.
  10. Adelheid

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    "- S.Lab has persona with her on wakeup right now. (aka you can do wake up punch super or wakeup some persona move), she can mash 2C(which was 8C in currently version) during block." This appears to be two disconnected statements. That's "not you can mash 2C and block on wakeup," it's "you can mash 2C during block." They may have changed the conditions for Hammer Uppercut being cancelled or something.
  11. Adelheid

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Yeah I did misunderstand. But that's still really crazy and implies you can also do SB moves out of blockstun.
  12. Adelheid

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Your statement, "Technically you could always do Asterius attacks during block, but they all get canceled since Shadow Labrys gets forced to block," is COMPLETELY WRONG. During Titanomachia glitch, all moves keep going during block, but you can't call them during block. SB moves all keep going during block, but you can't do them during block. Trust me, if that was true, I'd have been doing a lot of SB Massive Slaughter while blocking I did misunderstand though, but it still says mashing 2C during block does something, when mashing 8C during block never did before.
  13. Adelheid

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Well, remember that moves have to do more than 400 damage to break it. During a lot of strings, for a lot of characters that doesn't really happen, so there'd be times to use it to escape.
  14. Adelheid

    [P4AU] News & Gameplay Discussion

    No, but she might be able to use persona moves (but maybe only Terra's Eruption, the fire from horns which was 2C but is now 8C) during block. Not after you knock her down though. She can use persona moves during wakeup, but that's it - before, Asterius didn't come back for a bit after you got up. This might be only saying you can call stuff while getting up, though. Which would still be great