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  1. Dizzy Kiske

    Guilty Gear FAQ Thread - Ask your questions here!

    Haven't picked up my PS2 controller in a while :] Played Guilty Gear yesterday, and played Blazblue at a friends! I miss the glory days :'[
  2. Heyyyy :] hope u remember me!! I haven't been on this thread in a while, and I'm starting to miss everyone!!! :] - Dizzy Kiske

  3. Dizzy Kiske

    Guilty Gear Stories (spoilers abound!)

    ^^ I really liked ur fanfic Dancel-chan :D Imma gonna review it when i have time, cause i've been bombarded w/ sooo much crap in my life lol anyways i did read it on my PSP, it'll just take forever to write the review on it lol We need more Guilty Gear installments :\ I'm sad that i have been dormant in my GG/BB fandom, and i really hope Kuroshitsuji (I and II because i <3 u ciel and alois) doesn't replace the spot GG has in my heart :\ Well i got re-addicted to Guilty Gear and Blazblue cause gaiaonline has GG/BB related items: http://www.tektek.org/gaia/evolution/8802/Shadowlegend (look at Phase 8 and 9) it's Sol, Dizzy, Tao, and Bang~!!! :D so it's safe to say that my current fandoms are: Guilty Gear / Blazblue / Kuroshitsuji (Second Season in 8 days OwO!!!!) / Final Fantasy XIII
  4. it's the truth really,for eample:i have two brothers younger than me,one is two years and a half younger and the other is 4 years and a half,actually all my brothers(3)were born in september,i was born in march. anyway,when i became 18 my brothers were still 15 and 13 so i was feeling pretty old since i was 3 and 5 years older than they were,when the get older as a result,i felt younger because now im only 2 and 4 years older than my brothers and only 3 years older than you. but once its march ill become 19 and feel old again.

  5. ^-^ you getting a year older makes me feel a year younger. happy birthday.

  6. I've been practicing how to draw and i tested my style out on Jam: i like her better when her hair isn't looped <_<
  7. welcome to Dustloop ^^ I hope u enjoy the discussions we have here and if u've got an opinion to share don't be afraid to ^^

  8. Dizzy Kiske

    Guilty Gear Stories (spoilers abound!)

    I agree with dancel-chan ^^ KyxDizzy is still controversial since most fans of guilty gear hate them. But if you really look into it, you might just see how the pairing fits so well with the story (I'm not saying that SolxKy don't fit). SolxKy is a pairing that will never die out, since to fans (fangirls especially) Ky is vulnerable and Sol has all the manly power and their role in the storyline somewhat implies the possible love-relationship between the two. As much as I love KyxDizzy, I believe that other fans should be respected for their choice in couples (unless they're like total asses, then that's a WHOLE other story). I don't mind SolxKy or some SolxDizzy and KyxJam, since most of my friends are absolutely not KyxDizzy fans. Some people just don't like KyxDizzy cause they think other people look "better together." Well some people like Dancel and myself I guess look at the story more and see who's more likely to end up together, and it turned out our assumptions were correct ^^ I also agree with Neo-kun that some fans hate Ky for no reason but some other hate him for valid reasons as well. Most of my Sol fan friends say that "Ky steals the spotlight from Sol and that his role as a main character is starting to overshadow Sol's" - well it's half true. In the 90's anime/games, the main character was strong, muscular, and uber manly (e.g. Street Fighters, Tekken, King of Fighters have MOSTLY muscular characters) in which Sol fits into this category. Well now in the 21st century, the image of a hero in anime would be the bishounens where Ky fits. Guilty Gear was not too popular until like 2000 - 2002 so when people see a cover of Sol and Ky on the video game, they'd be like "Aww, that blonde boy is sooo cuuute~! he's probably the main character" <---- as stated by one of my Ky fan friends in school. well art of Ky now, does kinda show Ky being more of a bishounen than a macho man. Compared to Sol.... ya, Ky's basically bisho (especially since Ky is 16 in the first Guilty Gear game). Ky's role does get more and more important in every game and Sol's seems to be just the same throughout the series. To most fans I've met, roughly 75% of them say that Ky does steal the spotlight apperance-wise. Then again Sol seems more important once you've got a hold of the entire storyline. Some people just probably don't like Ky for being a goody-goody-two-shoes, and they prefer the badass macho dude with the red headband. But I agree with Neo-kun, that Ky and other characters should have some respect, since we all know that every character in the game is a work of art and must be treated like the Mona Lisa hanging upon the wall (lol my own little art comment). In conclusion of my . . . thoughts . . . well you don't need a conclusion, but Dancel-chan and Neo-kun have wonderful views on the fans and it's nice to see what people think of the characters in Guilty Gear. Then again, every character has their own positive quality, and most people tend to look at the negative ones ^^ Enough of my blabbering and let's get on to a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION OwO: When does the next Guilty Gear game come out??? :3 P.S. sorry for not being active but i want to say that I love and miss everyone (Dancel-chan and Neo-kun especially, Blade-san as well as many more others)
  9. Dizzy Kiske

    Guilty Gear Stories (spoilers abound!)

    thank you Raging Tofu-san ^^ oh and here are some links i want u guys to see http://img269.imageshack.us/img269/9092/dizzykiskeheadshotcolor.png http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/250/baikenzappaheadshot1.png http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/9206/smelimeliheadshot1.png I drew them with my Intuos3 tablet ^^ I have a Ky x Dizzy WIP coming up for Dancel-chan and Neo-kun ^^ oh and i have a Ky WIP for Blade-kun too~!! i has chibis coming up soon ^^ I'll draw Ky with that partial heterochromia from now on ^^
  10. Dizzy Kiske

    Guilty Gear Stories (spoilers abound!)

    yay Neo-kun ill look forward to it!!!! sorry i died back there people anyways are Ky's eyes blue or blue-green? In most arts its totally blue, and some are quite interesting: the outer parts of his eyes are blue but around the pupil it's green. could Ky have partial heterochromia (not total like Ragna's)??? it's confusing me
  11. Dizzy Kiske

    Guilty Gear Stories (spoilers abound!)

    that looks fun so, SACRED EDGEEEEEEEEEE~!!!!!!!!!!! lol anyways, when does next GG come out!!!! D:< I'm like dyin here Ishiwatari-san TT~TT I wanna be able to play Sin and who's Marina ?!??! D:<
  12. Dizzy Kiske

    Guilty Gear Stories (spoilers abound!)

    hey guyz!! i missed u all TT~TT (my KyxDizzy buddies especially). My fanfics are taking longer than expected for both GG and BB. I miss all of u but i shall draw a picture of Ky x Dizzy for my buddies (mainly Dancel and Neo) with my new tablet!!!
  13. oh its from a friend but i recolored it, cropped and reanimated it ^^

  14. wheres your avatar from?