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  1. Rachel mirrors today. Lots and lots of mirrors. >:D

  2. So about that Marvel....

  3. Soniti

    [CP2.0] Loketest News (NEWS ONLY)

    This is true, but also of importance is that it recovers *much* slower if you have 2+ wind.
  4. Soniti

    [UNIEL] Video/Stream Thread

    Playlist of match videos from the Arc Divide 1.0 UNIEL tournament in LA on Saturday: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIOVbTBZYP676co-N7HZe2M_K0nZMHZJt Also, I stream UNIEL sometimes on my twitch at http://twitch.tv/soniti
  5. Soniti

    Award Nominations

    I'd like to nominate Alpha152 for the In Real Life award. He runs the brackets at our Rebel Up locals and plays a major role in organizing them.
  6. I just missed a CSE Tournament? Ugh wish I had read the event announcements forum sooner -_-
  7. Everyone but me from Ventura/Oxnard quit BB/moved away, and my car gets terrible mileage =(
  8. Soniti

    [CSE] Rachel - Final Changes Discussion

    Still works in the videos I've been seeing. I also saw a lobelia whiff fatal j.2c lvl3 in the corner (gamechariot vid vs Lambda), so it seems that they did put it back in, though I have my doubts about whether the midscreen version is still in.
  9. Soniti

    [CSE] Rachel - Final Changes Discussion

    Well, I can confirm polka's understanding of those is correct, and add that the first line says that j.a is also unchanged (i'm assuming it means you can use it for an instant overhead still). That damage sounds way too crazy for day 1 though. Perhaps it is just someone trolling BBS.
  10. Soniti

    SBO 2011 Qualified Players

    There was no GGAC. Why do you think Ogawa entered Aquapazza? (actually don't think about that one too hard)
  11. Thanks a ton for Xie for hosting and shoutouts to everyone I got bodied by played. You should keep an eye on craigslist if you are looking for cheap chairs.
  12. Yay, I am going to this after all! I'll bring my laptop so people who missed SBO can watch the archive (I bought an SBO ticket and reserved a Timeshift)
  13. You just summed up my May entirely :x
  14. We should try to run a Catherine side tournament if possible.
  15. Whoa, I didn't see this coming at all. Mark me down as hype. Totally gonna main Main (inb4 they give him a name) and/or Rise.