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  1. two things: how are rank matches, is the lag okay? and does anyone know anyone that is game sharing? (if its frowned a pawn let me know or pm me)
  2. solshido

    [Jan 11-13, 2013] Apex 2013 - Brunswick, NJ

    good matches and great showing to everyone who came out. As a mainstream fighter guy i didnt expect to place 9th overall and after my fight with jourdal(SKD) I feel i should invest more time into p4a, so expect me at winter brawl with a better handle of narukami. oh btw I'm the guy who had my group shirt KPB (Kick-punch-block) on with the "gears of war" Bennie on running p4a alittle and running tekken/marvel brackets . Good shit to ya SKD btw, hope to get to play with you again dude
  3. solshido

    [P4A] Yu Narukami - Combo Thread

    you have to wait until the third hit of 214D starts to rise ur opponent upward after that quickly do ur OMC and buffer ur 214B input and it should hit. practice on the timing and you'll be able to hit it more
  4. solshido

    [P4A] Yu Narukami - Combo Thread

    ohhh the 5D starter, i see i see
  5. solshido

    [P4A] Yu Narukami - Combo Thread

    in my combo im talking about the 5D oki. In mash's combo hes talking about the late tech
  6. solshido

    [P4A] Yu Narukami - Gameplay Discussion

    Me too (^_^), though 360 lag for online has been killer. i hope they send that patch out soon
  7. solshido

    [P4A] Yu Narukami - Combo Thread

    Mid screen to corner: 5A 5AA,5B,2B,2AB(sweep),5D,dash 2B,5B,additional D(should be in the second hit of 5D), j.B, dash 5A ,5C,5B,214D,OMC,2B,5B,j.B,j.BB,j.C, B+D, j.236236C (4232) if you wanna save meter leave out the sp skill
  8. solshido

    [P4A] News & Gameplay Discussion

    P4A learning curve is really good, you'll really get the hang of things once you really understand ur characters' OMC and OMC burst tricks. I had my copy since last thursday and im already feeling pretty great with Yu and Mitsuru, as I play i learn more and more, i like that aspect. can't wait to go to a few locals and majors (^_^). oh btw auto combos do suck sometimes lol
  9. solshido

    The Losing Streak Mentality

    sometimes i go through losing slumps (which is not everyday btw) most of the time i just say to my self "hey, get the fuck movin and do some work." but its all about the fun of the game so hey im just happy to play strong people, it quite the learning experience to me.
  10. solshido

    [CS1] Bang Changes and Video Discussion Thread

    that bang in the video was on fire. very good material i have to say
  11. a dont think it does extra chip damage but it should be enough to knock ur oppenents back a couple of matches
  12. Thanks alot man, I really appreciate it.

  13. im rooting for ya, hope u can get that mod postion

  14. welcome to dustloop lol.

  15. wazup aksys guys , how did fanime turn out?