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  1. Tari

    What in the nine hells is your avatar!? Was browsing through the Misc. Games forum and suddenly this horrible face is staring out from the side of my screen. (lol)

  2. man theres a lot of people to shoutout i'm not sure if i want to go into specific stuff cause i'm gonna forget someone and i already feel bad enough for not hanging out w/ some of y'all to keep it short, shoutouts to: everyone who said hi or hung out even for a really really short time, it was nice meeting a lot of you everyone who stopped by room 720 even if only for a moment, even if you left it smelling like shit afterwards tokyo tea america getting trolled by japan P4A 10v10 madness All the TOs and organizers for making things run smoothly People who are still surprised at the anime community being a bunch of niggas in 2012 bobby maverick for getting bodied by everybody in existence capcom for having no presence turbo buttons Dokapon Kingdom victims + The people who already knew about it cringing in horror at the mention Kanji YOLO battles being trolled by soda machines #STFUBrandino2012 w/ AxisTheBitch assist twitter monsters aquapazza! holiday inn being a piece of shit anything else important i forgot had a great time guys. let's do it again! hope to see some of you at FR or NECXIV at worst
  3. real life claims another victim real talk though, good luck and im glad you got a job. gotta take what you can get with how things are nowadays. hope you enjoy NC
  4. wait what the fuck WHERE ARE YOU GOING
  5. i cant access dustloop at my house for whatever fucking stupid reason, but this thread is pretty dead anyway whos coming tomorrow?
  6. doesnt really matter anyway, BYOC area is always closed on sunday regardless. will be there~
  7. Chun: as far as communication goes, just crosspost whatever information is needed to facebook/website/dustloop. i myself didnt really have a problem with finding out what was going on, but i guess some people dont feel like clicking on the website or fb links that contained all the relevant polls and/or information needed. it also doesnt help that the info does get lost with all the posts here. just make a general info thing to copy/paste, i feel that youre overthinking things and causing a mess. it would really help for dustloop if you updated the thread title with the next date, and updated the thread OP with the current relevant information. im indifferent towards the two day format for SNCI. some people liked it, some people hated it... I personally didnt really see it as an issue, unless people were that pressed to get to where they were going. It felt a lot less stressful though, which was nice! as far as needing help with organizational purposes, im more than willing to help out beyond just being a TO, and im sure other people are willing to work with you as well. Solex: There isnt really an STA/GC rivalry, its just that a good portion the STA people dont venture away from STA much. TOs: DQ people for leaving, and dont allow people to take these stupid breaks that hold the brackets up. NO EXCEPTIONS. Entrants: QUIT LEAVING AND HOLDING THINGS UP. This has been addressed many times, but the whole dinner break thing is ridiculous, and in all the months Ive been attending these things, it has been a consistent problem. If you want to take a quick five minute break to go grab a donut next door, or a burger across the street? Thats fine. But dont hold up everything for everyone else because you decided to wait in that 30 minute line across the street at TPumps. Make sure you dont have anything to do before you go do stuff like that.
  8. Not like it mattered anyway. STA regulars dont show up to NCI, and the NCI regulars dont really go to STA either. The only person I can really imagine being conflicted is probably BBZ. I didnt really find space an issue. Just people getting things done an issue. KOF being pushed to the second day seemed pretty silly and pointless, but nobody seemed to have an issue with it. Or at least, if they did, they didnt say anything.
  9. I don't really see an issue with the 7th. Waiting until May might be a bit long, since the stream wont be available until the second week. (FKO is streaming a Sacramento tournament on the 5th and 6th)
  10. Tone

    [CSE] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    one day i will understand this game enough to block things or land a combo ggs gamma, stay_free
  11. the most important shoutout is to the angry drunk lady spinning around in the street and flipping everyone off while screaming a block away from gamecenter on Saturday night more to come later
  12. still wondering about the housing situation for all of this anybodys house nearby open for 3 people? nobody ever got back to me on it.
  13. Tone

    FINAL ROUND XV March 2-4, 2012 "The 15th Aniversary"

    I cant remember any names, so shoutouts to anybody I played, and thank you for running casuals with me, and giving me information. Still trying to overcome the initial learning hump with this game, but I had a lot of fun. (I was that really scrubby Mu player during casuals) Also those results are screwed up theres no way I placed in 9th unless I got a bunch of byes, lol.
  14. umvc3 players is the term you're looking for
  15. "Fuck this game, fuck this house, fuck you, fuck your FAMILY" *THROW* that actually happened in fairfield but with a phone instead of a stick lol