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  1. Hey, been busy with Finals, I'll post the results soon. I'm rescheduling the bi-weeklies so that they don't fall on the same weekend as RebelUp. I know a lot of people had trouble making it because of the scheduling. The next tournament will be on May 19th.
  2. See you guys soon! I've been practicing my SkullGirls!
  3. See you guys for GG/SG/BB this Sunday!
  4. Id_asz

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    See you guys tonight! I'll be bringing the usual.
  5. Id_asz

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    GGs to everyone last night in Guilty, Melty, and SkullGirls!
  6. Id_asz

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    See you guys later tonight for casuals. I'll be bringing SkullGirls, BlazBlue Extend, and Arcana Heart 3!
  7. Id_asz

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    SLEDGE is a great Chipp player, and he's usually there on Fridays. Our arcade cabinet is CS1, but we bring in CSX for PS3 on Fridays. There's always top notch players for Guilty Gear, and we's all be happy to teach anybody. Hope to see you at our meets soon!
  8. Id_asz

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Our casuals are most active in order of: 1. Guilty Gear 2. Melty Blood 3. SkullGirls 4. BlazBlue 5. Arcana Heart 3 6. Doujin fighters I would love for us to pick up more BlazBlue players. We just re-installed the arcade version of BlazBlue, and it would be great to get more players in general. If you want help learning GG, everyone there would be glad to help.
  9. For what we're going for, be it Under Night In-Birth, or BlazBlue 3 or whatever, it'll be around $2000. If we get enough, the owner of FFA might cover the difference. Edit: Oh yeah, and we brought back BlazBlue (CS1) in arcade.
  10. Holy crap that was awesome! We had 11 people for Guilty Gear. Here's the results: Guilty Gear: 1st Place: Mike Z. [Potemkin] 2nd: Takaya [Robo-Ky/Eddie/Ky] 3rd: Jason D. [Axl] 4th: Robo Kymaro [Robo-Ky] 6th: Id [baiken] 6th: DQRF [sol] 8th: The Bandit King [Order-Sol] 8th: Fuck Life [i-No] 11th: LOVAGE [Zappa] 11th: Nadnerb [Robo-Ky/Testament] 11th: TheRealBobMan [i-No] A.B.A: - Anji: - Axl: Jason D. Baiken: Id Bridget: - Chipp: - Dizzy: - Eddie: Takaya Faust: - I-No: Fuck Life Jam: - Johnny: - Ky: Takaya May: - Millia: - Order-Sol: The Bandit King Potemkin: Mike Z. Robo-Ky: Takaya Slayer: - Sol: DQRF Testament: Nadnerb Venom: - Zappa: LOVAGE Great games everyone! Thanks to GLHFTV for hosting the SkullGirls casuals stream. Trevor should be back again in 2 weeks to stream more fights. It was great seeing a bunch of you guys again. I'm still doing airdasher casuals every Friday night. We're playing Guilty Gear, Melty Blood, BlazBlue, and now SkullGirls. Hopefully some of you guys can come down. Our current arcade pool is now at $51. We still have a long ways to go before we can make a dent in paying for a new arcade board, but every dollar counts. Come down for the tournaments and help out the community! The next tournament will be on April 29th, again all at 5pm. If anyone can bring a PS3, it would be greatly appreciated. See you then! Also, don't forget that West Toast XVI is coming up! Get Hype!
  11. I added SkullGirls to the first post. I've also officially edited how we will spend the arcade pool. If anyone can bring in a PS3, that would be greatly appreciated. I only have one, and I would like to have SkullGirls and BlazBlue running simultaneously.
  12. We might be live streaming this. I've got a guy who's been wanting to stream our stuff, and he says he might make it. I'll post up with more details if he can make it. See you guys there, I'm pretty hyped for SkullGirls!
  13. Since Skull Girls will be out by this tourney. We'll have a Skull Girls tournament, too!
  14. Id_asz

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Arcade: Yes. JP Console: No. AM Console: No. The arcade version is NESiCA x Live exclusive, so American arcades can't get it.
  15. Id_asz

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    gg everyone. Had a great time with Numakie, DQRF, Seungpyo, SLEDGE, Takaya, Blumpkinking, Gamerboy, and KidGrave. Great reads on my bursts, DQRF. I need to get better at less obvious bursting, I just haven't been punished for it before, so I never had to get good at it. That's why I love casuals so much, it really helps me get better at all angles of gameplay. I'll see you guys again next Friday! Don't forget, we're having a tournament on Sunday the 15th, and West Toast XVI is coming up!