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    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    A hover motorcycle? ^_^ imo, X just looks cooler than classic Megaman. Legends Megaman is cool, though. There's also Megaman ZX and Battle Network, so I guess they have a lot of Megaman options available. oh, and I would love to see Protoman in MvC3.
  2. Id_asz

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    They're probably picking a different megaman and don't want two different megamans. X in his badass armor would be really cool. If Megaman X isn't in it, there are some other good options (namely villains [sigma, Vile, Magma Dragoon, Gate, all come to mind]). As much as I don't like Axl as a character in X7 or X8, I think he would work well in MvC3.
  3. Id_asz

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    Source: http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2010/sep/04/community-news-roundup-september-4th/#comments I think I saw it somewhere else, too. Zero's not a bad choice, though. I just hope at least one MMX character is in it, maybe even two.
  4. tbh, I never played much of Tetris Attack. I was huge into Tetris Battle Gaiden, though. EDIT - What time were you wanting Tetris Attack at, Mike? 2-ish or 5ish?
  5. ^^ This. I was going to start it up, but decided not to when we added TvC. If more people would like it, I'd love to start TSS back up. I'd actually get money for first place in a game =O
  6. It would be singles where each player plays 3 characters (think CvS2 or KoF) and it won't let you choose the same character, even if it's an EX version ^_^
  7. Id_asz

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    We do need an X villain. I say, keep Zero from TvC and add Sigma (maybe X2 ver.) or Vile. They've already said that they won't add X, but they'll please the MMX fanboys. Axl would be cool, too.
  8. So, Where do you guys think we should hold the next BlazBlue tournament -On the big screen with 1.2 frames of lag -On the center LCD with more room, and less lag -On the CRT that's in the JP game alley, crowded and with no lag Also, there will be a Tetris Attack tournament on the next tournament (9/19). Idk what time we'll start it. ΛC+ has a team mode where you can play against each other in a 3v3 King of Fighters style format. Would anybody be up for running a tournament like that? There will be Melty Blood this time. For realsies. Valkie won't be out for this tournament, but he should be available and legal for the next one. P.S. This upcoming tournament will take place on Talk Like a Pirate Day, so don't forget your pirate regalia, and your best pirate accents! (Arrr)
  9. Id_asz

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    Capcom: "Man, all these potential infinite combos are killing us! How can we stop it?" *Looks to the side* Arc System Works: "What?"
  10. Short version (long version coming soon, probably Tuesday): GG: 18 people 1st: Mike Z. 1st: Saif 3rd: MAX 4th: Jason D. 5th: ShinATProof 5th: Romel 7th: BadX 7th: Raptor 9th: Xie 9th: Sonic THP 9th: Venom Camaro 9th: Mel 13th: Kaizen 13th: Kumelekar 13th: Id_ASZ 13th: Severin 13th: TheRealBobMan 13th: Reyes Mahou Mike Z. and Saif split the pot MB didn't happen... hopefully next time when I don't have to worry about the GG machine being broken >.< BB 3v3 Teams: 1st: Run + 1 1st: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd 3rd: Leave it up to Matt 4th: Bullets, Claws and Nails 5th: Vamos a la Playa 5th: 3M 7th: We Like Cloth 7th: I Don't Know 7th: Through fire justice is served! Run + 1 and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd split the pot. Singles will be back next time (9/19), so hope to see you guys there. Oh, and also TETRIS ATTACK SIDE TOURNAMENT!!! be there.
  11. Yeah, I was pretty upset that the GG cabinet was down. The monitor on the P1 side was going out, but they didn't replace it all weekend. I ended up running the GG tournament on a PS3, which pushed back the time for BB to start. Sorry if you missed the GG tournament! Is this MAX? It's cool man, I get it all the time. People want to eat dinner (the tournament starts before dinner and lasts really late, so that's understandable) and stuff. I'm pretty flexible, so it's cool.
  12. *phew* just finishing up a couple of big tournaments today. Had a huge SSF4 and MvC2 tournament. I'm ready to have a huge BlazBlue tournament on Sunday! P.S. Not this time, but maybe next tournament: What do you guys think about running a GG tournament based on the 3on3 tag team feature in AC+?
  13. Id_asz

    Going Back to Guilty Gear

    Best Fighters by sub-genre: Airdashers (aka New School): Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Old School: Street Fighter III: Third Strike 3D plane: Virtua Fighter 5 (R or Final Shodown) [haven't had much of a chance to play the updates since they're only in arcade] There's some good second placers, but these 3 are the best of each of the three types of mainstream fighters imo. You can't just give up GG because BB is out! You gotta play both!
  14. So, the GG machine will be done for a short while (Should be back up by Sunday). To stave your GG cravings, we've put in HnK in the other Delta32 badass cabinet. HnK will be in there during the tournament, too (though we're going to take it out and replace it with something else soon).
  15. Shin said he'd bring his PS2 and game.
  16. BBCS teams GGΛC singles MBAA singles TvC:UAA singles P.S. A little birdie told me that BBCS2 will be the full price of a new game. No patch update. Idk when it comes out, but we'll see about getting it.
  17. Most players don't stay for the full grand finals. Grand Finals last till 11-12 at night depending on how many people show up.
  18. People don't usually get here until about 8:30-9pm. But if you get here early, that would be a good time to practice.
  19. There's always people looking for teammates, and there's always people running late. If you're not there by 5, but are pretty much there before all of Round 1 is over you should be fine. However, the later you are, the less likely you'll be able to find a team. And yeah, just teams for CS, there's no singles, however GG is singles.
  20. Tournament videos are up! http://www.youtube.com/user/striderzer0
  21. You can't use an X360 stick on a PS3 unless you modify it (you need a Cthulu or Chimp board installed in there, etc. I'm not going into the details of it). So if you only have an X360 stick, but not a PS3 stick, you're SOL and will have to borrow one. There's good reasons why we run BBCS on PS3, though: 1. Most tourney ready players play on PS3, so they have PS3 sticks. 2. You can use a PS2->PS3 adaptor for your PS2 stick. A lot of players who played GG used a PS2 stick, and they keep using it for BBCS. 3. On BB for the PS3, you can modify the screen size so that it fits correctly. You aren't able to do that on X360 (did this change with CS? I know you couldn't do this with CT). 4. Most tournaments are focusing on PS3 as the standard (i.e. EVO). Admittedly, this is more of a standard between more than one fighting game and could be overruled on an individual basis. 5. The PS3 controller is more suited for fighting games than the X360 is. If players like playing on the pad instead of the joystick, they are far more likely to like the PS3 controller. 6. I have a PS3 with all the dlc on it. I bring that in and we're set. P.S. Just curious, how do you play Carl on a pad? Do you hotkey D to the R1 button? When CT came out I tried this to see how well it would work (I didn't have a stick yet) but I couldn't get used to it. I set D to the X button ("A" on 360) and just rolled my finger along the pad to time D correctly.
  22. Usually we meet to play casuals together on Thursdays, so that's always a good time to play. But pretty much any day after 9PM you'll always find people playing. You might want to just play alone in order to get used to joysticks, in which case you should come early in the morning. Pretty much, most of the time of day you'll find people playing BB, and if you don't, just start playing arcade mode, and you'll probably be challenged before you beat it. Our tournament will be on PS3, and no, an Xbox 360 controller will not work on it. It does take USB, but it has to be PS3 software compatible USB. If you want to play on a PS3 controller during the tournament, I have spares I'm willing to lend out.
  23. Id_asz

    BLAZBLUE -Continuum Shift-: System Guide

    Could someone help explain character specific proration rates to me? Specifically, are they added to combos against that character (i.e. your combos against Tager prorate at 40%) or with your character (i.e. comboing as Tager gives you an automatic 40% proration). I tested some things out and I saw no difference in dealing combo damage between Arakune and Tager, (specifically, a basic 7-hit combo did 1921 damage against all characters tested, Arakune and Tager included) which makes me believe it's for your character. If the proration rate is specifically for your character, how could you possibly determine what your character's specific proration is? If moves normally prorate with a low percentage how can you determine if your character's rate is affecting it and by how much?