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  1. ShinATProof said he can bring his PS2 with MBAA for the next tournament, so we've got it covered. Thanks for asking, though.
  2. fuck Nero! >.< I hate that character so much. Though, admittedly, I hate H-Nero more. I'll be down for games Thurs night starting around 7:30.
  3. Updated first post to give information about the next tournament. RoyalFlush won't be able to host TvC this time; he's out for Labor Day weekend. So either we will get someone else to run it, or we wont hold TvC this time. I'll keep you guys updated, but the TvC crew talks on SRK, so you should also check there.
  4. Probably this weekend. The last tournament's videos came out 5 days after the tournament. I haven't posted up the rules for teams yet on the first page, but I figure you guys mostly know them. Generally: -Pokemon style (Winner stays, loser switches to next player) -Must keep the same character throughout the tournament. -Can't have two of the same character on the same team. -The first players of each team can be double-blindly selected, but the losers can choose whichever of their two remaining members are up next (think counter-pick). All games will be 1 match. So individually between players it will be one match. There will be 3/5 total matches going on between the teams which will constitute one game. There will only be one game per team. The rules can get kind of confusing, so let me know if there's any questions.
  5. I vote No on that team. You wouldn't be able to call yourself "Team Epic Hats"! For a true all epic hat team, you need Carl, Hazama, and Tsubaki. ...Unless your goal isn't to have a team where each member wears epic hats. In which case that would be quite silly...
  6. Finished doing the same for BB: Best players of their character (all tournaments): Arakune: Zong_One Bang: TornAparT Carl: Zong_One Hakumen: ShinATProof Hazama: IkeTakeda Iron Tager: Mike Z. Jin: MsJin Kisaragi Λ -11: Severin Litchi: Severin Makoto: Mäkötö Cämärö μ -12: Kro Noel: Mooyang Rachel: Jason D. Ragna: Soniti Taokaka: - Tsubaki: MsJin Kisaragi Tier List: Arakune Bang Carl______ :HZ:5.0 :LA:3.3 Hakumen Hazama__ :CA:5.0 :RA:5.7 Iron Tager :LA:4.5 Jin Λ -11 ____ :CA:6.6 :TG:5.5 Litchi Makoto___ 2.0 μ -12 Noel Rachel____ 4.3 Ragna Taokaka Tsubaki
  7. I'm working on keeping a lot of data for these tournaments. I'm going to add a running total "Best Of..." section where your points add up from tournament to tournament. It's just for fun, but I think it'll be kind of cool. Also I will be adding a FFA Tier list section. I will be taking data from the Top 6 (and other selected) matches. The early stages of this list will include rounds, just so I can bulk up the data. Enjoy what I have atm: Guilty Gear: A.B.A: Anji: Mel Axl: Jason D. Baiken: ShinATProof Bridget: Raptor Chipp: Sledge Dizzy: Eddie: AKA Faust: I-No: Jam: Id Johnny: SuperFX Ky: May: SuperFX Millia: Kro Order-Sol: Kaizen Potemkin: Mike Z. Robo-Ky: Slayer: Sol: Baddexample Testament: Mumm-Ra & Soniti Venom: Venom Camaro Zappa: Tier List: A.B.A Anji Axl_____ :CH:5.7 :JO:6.7 :MA:4.0 :PO:2.0 Baiken Bridget Chipp __ :AX:4.3 :SO:6.3 :ED:2.0 Dizzy Eddie___ :CH:8.0 :PO:4.7 Faust I-No Jam Johnny__ :AX:3.3 Ky May_____ :AX:6.0 Millia Order-Sol Potemkin :AX:8.0 :ED:5.3 Robo-Ky Slayer Sol_____ :CH:3.8 Testament Venom Zappa
  8. ReSults!: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift: 1st: Zong_One [Carl, Arakune, Haku-Men] 2nd: Ike Takeda [Hazama] 3rd: Severin [Λ-11, Litchi] 4th: Mike Z. [Tager] 5th: Shin ATProof [Haku-Men] 5th: Jason D. [Rachel] 7th: Mäkötö Cämärö [Makoto] 7th: Sirokane [Ragna] 9th: Id [Carl] 9th: Kro [μ-12] 9th: No Drinks [Haku-Men] 9th: Crimson Blaze [Tager] 13th: Gamerboy [Ragna] 13th: MsJin Kisaragi [Jin] 13th: I.Am [bang, Jin] 13th: Raptor [Noel] 13th: DinnerPlate [Tager] Best of...: Carl: Zong_One Hazama: Ike Takeda Λ-11: Severin Tager: Mike Z. Haku-Men: Shin ATProof Rachel: Jason D. Makoto: Mäkötö Cämärö Ragna: Sirokane μ-12: Kro Jin: MsJin Kisaragi Bang: I.Am Noel: Raptor Litchi: Severin Arakune: Zong_One Tsubaki: Taokaka: There were 17 entrants, Thanks to everyone who entered! Guilty Gear XX Λ Core: 1st: Mike Z. [Potemkin] 2nd: Jason D. [Axl] 3rd: Shin ATProof [baiken] 4th: Baddexample [sol] 5th: Kro [Millia] 5th: Vën̈ öm Cämärö [Venom] 7th: Blumpkin King [Axl] 7th: Id [baiken, Jam] 9th: Mel [Anji] 9th: Raptor [bridget] 9th: Kaizen [sol, Order-Sol] Best Of...: Potemkin: Mike Z. Jason D.: Axl Baiken: Shin ATProof Sol: Baddexample Millia: Kro Venom: Vën̈ öm Cämärö Jam: Id Anji: Mel Bridget: Raptor Order-Sol: Kaizen There were 11 entrants for GG. Thanks to StriderZer0 for recording, thanks to everyone who hopped on to do commentary. Thanks to Mike Z. for bringing in Skull Girls! Thanks to Shin, Ike, and Jason D. for some great BB matches. Thanks to Amanita for letting a bunch of people use her stick. Thanks to everyone else, too! These tournaments are hyped, and you all help them get that way. See you all again at most in two weeks for the next tournament on 9/5. oh yeah and 3v3 Teams for BlazBlue!!
  9. If we stream, (last time we streamed GG but not BB), it will be on Strider_Zer0's justin.tv channel: http://www.justin.tv/striderzer0 All times are PST for when the above tournaments start.
  10. Get hyped! I've been hearing from a lot of people who weren't able to make it last tournament but who will make it to this one. I expect this next tournament to be even bigger than the last! Some things you should look forward to: BlazBlue will now be held on the large 42" LCD screen in the center. This screen has considerably less lag, and the area will have room for a larger audience. It will also run on an HDMI connection, will be up to 1080p and look a hell of a lot nicer. We will not have a direct feed for the screen, but Strider_Zer0 will be recording with a camcorder, and we will have commentary for the higher up matches (volunteers who know a lot about the game are welcome). We might have a stream, but that isn't confirmed yet (If we do have a stream, it will be on Striderzer0's justin.tv channel). I will also be uploading tournament videos onto the little screens above BlazBlue. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom will now be on the screen BlazBlue was on. If you play TvC, we've run tournaments on this screen before and everyone was satisfied. This area will be far less crowded than the location we used before. Skull Girls will most likely be here again for free play. If you missed it last time, you can get a taste of it at this tournament. This tournament is going to be great so I hope to see you all there! P.S.: For the couple of people who used pad for Guilty Gear: The pad layout is just like GG for PS2, but that goes for the joystick layout as well. So if you used a different button layout than the default arcade layout you can bring your own pad. Just remember that always: X = Kick, Sq. = Punch, Tri. = Slash, O = H. Slash, and R1 = Dust. We will still be using the arcade version of GG and not the PS2 version. P.P.S.: All of us FFA locals go down to the arcade for casuals on Thursdays from ~8pm-2am. Get some games on and play me and others in your favorite air-dasher!
  11. Yeah, every thursday a bunch of us meet up for casuals. Usually from ~8pm-2am. I'll be there around 7, so see you guys there.
  12. Since I have school now, my work schedule has changed. Ergo, I'll be at the arcade by about 7PM for games. I'm kind of broke right now, so I'd like to limit myself to GG and MB (but I'll toss in a few games of BB).
  13. The next tournament will be on a different TV (One that has HDMI). Hopefully with that we can direct feed and get some commentary? BB Commentary would be sick. Also, I'll look into getting a direct feed for GG. GG had about twice as many entrants as I was expecting last Sunday.
  14. Thanks a lot Striderzer0, this means a lot. I know you got some Skull Girls casuals, hopefully those will be coming up soon, too.
  15. A bunch of vids are up from both GG and BB. They're on StriderZer0's channel. Check them out: http://www.youtube.com/user/striderzer0#p/a Grand finals aren't up on his channel, yet, but you can watch them from a shaky iphone somewhere on youtube.
  16. GGs to everyone last night: Severin, Advent, $2, Dan, Raptor, ShinATProof, Seungpyo, Josh and CrimsonBlaze. I got good matches in all three games last night.
  17. I'll have my BBCS console version hooked up on the big screen for free casuals to anyone who wants to play. Hope to see you guys tonight, I want some good GG, MB and BB matches!
  18. I only write 1 on the tourney brackets because there's not much space. Crimson Blaze I wrote at Cr. Bl., When I posted the results I made sure to spell out one (though the capitalization may have been different). n̈ > all
  19. I'll see about switching TVs next tournament. I think I'll be down for games tonight. see you guys at FFA maybe. A little birdie told me Jason D. might make it, too. I'll definitely be down Thurs, though.
  20. Id_asz

    Socal: Arcade Infinity! Let's Match it UP

    ^^ This is right. For the cabinets at FFA: P = Square; K = X; S = Triangle; HS = O; D = R1. That's how it is even if you plug in your own PS2 joystick. And, like Severin said, if you want to use your joystick but don't like that setup, you'll have to open your joystick and rewire the inputs to how you like it. The controls are changeable in the system menu, but it's not practical to go into there to change the button layout. (Sorry to talk about the FFA Cabs in the AI thread)
  21. Yeah, there were some minor problems with the TV. It has 20ms of video lag (approximately 1.2 frames). I'll check the LCD in the center of the arcade and see how much better that one is. It was great seeing everyone again, I'm sure we'll get even more people next time.
  22. Wow. That felt great to get back in action with a brand new season of FFA airdashers! Here's the gritty results: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift: 1st: Mike Z. [Tager] 2nd: Severin [Λ-11, Litchi] 3rd: Zong_One [Carl] 4th: Ike Takeda [Hazama] 5th: Id_ASZ [Carl] 5th: Xie [Hakumen, Hazama, Λ-11, Tsubaki] 7th: Mäkötö Cämärö [Makoto] 7th: Soniti [Ragna] 9th: Mooyang [Noel] 9th: Blue Garbage [Arakune] 9th: Crimson Blaze [Tager] 9th: Torn Apart [bang] 13th: Jason D. [Rachel] 13th: Advent [Λ-11, μ-12, Ragna] 13th: Gamerboy [Ragna] 13th: Holeymeister [Noel] 17th: Ms. Jin Kisaragi [Jin, Tsubaki] 17th: Fake [Ragna] 17th: No Drinks [Hakumen] 17th: Tronzilla666 [Λ-11] 17th: Raptor [Noel] Best of...: Tager: Mike Z. Λ-11: Severin Carl: Zong_One Hazama: Ike Takeda Hakumen: Xie Makoto: Mäkötö Cämärö Ragna: Soniti Noel: Mooyang Arakune: Blue Garbage Bang: Torn Apart Rachel: Jason D. μ-12: Advent Jin: Ms. Jin Kisaragi Litchi: Severin Taokaka: *no lovin' for Tao* There were 21 entrants, Thanks to everyone who entered! Mike Z. definitely earned his win against Severin. Tager x Λ-11 matchups are so one sided, but Mike gets some bonus for being Z teir. Thanks to everyone sporting the new underboob characters, Makoto Camaro for playing Makoto, and Advent for playing μ-12. That's why we got it set up on the console, let's get some more console exclusive characters going! Great matches personally against Ike Takeda. I still haven't gotten my Hazama matches settled, we need to play more often so I can learn how to play against him. Blue Garbage had to leave early, if he didn't I'm sure he would have gotten much higher on the list. Oh well, maybe next time. Guilty Gear XX Λ Core: 1st: AKA [Eddie] 2nd: Mike Z. [Potemkin] 3rd: Jason D. [Axl] 4th: Sledge [Chipp] 5th: Super FX [Johnny] 5th: Baddexample [sol] 7th: Id_ASZ [baiken, Jam] 7th: Xie [Potemkin] 9th: Vën̈ öm Cämärö [Venom] 9th: Mumm-RA [Testament] 9th: Raptor [bridget] 9th: Soniti [Testament] 13th: BlumpFin Fing [Axl] 13th: The Real BobMan [Chipp] 13th: Zong_One [Potemkin] 13th: Kaizen [sol] Best Of...: Eddie: AKA Potemkin: Mike Z. Axl: Jason D. Chipp: Sledge Johnny: SuperFX Sol: Baddexample Baiken: Id_ASZ Jam: Id_ASZ Venom: Vën̈ öm Cämärö Bridget: Raptor Testament: TIED Mumm-RA & Soniti There were no Ky, Anji, Millia, Faust, Slayer, Zappa, I-No, Robo-Ky, A.B.A, or Order-Sol players. There were 16 entrants for GG, far more people than I was expecting. Thanks for everyone who came in. I've been practicing a lot of GG recently while waiting for CS to come out, and it seems to have paid off! AKA showed us why Eddie is the best character in the game. He wiped the floor with me, but I'm still proud I got a round in! I heard his main was Millia, but it seemed like it wasn't prudent to bring her out against Mike, based on Mike's character's strengths and weaknesses. Mike Z. got his entry fee for BlazBlue still, but the pot was pretty big for GG, and couldn't snag that extra cash. Sledge, it was great to see your Chipp enter the tournament, I wasn't expecting you at all, and I love it when you get a chance to play at the arcade. Raptor, you and I have had so many matches practicing together, it almost felt like we were playing casuals. Your Bridget has come a long way, keep it up. Thanks a whole lot to Strider_Zero for recording matches!. He had a stream going for Guilty Gear, and recorded the last half of BlazBlue. His videos should be up soon on his youtube channel: www.youtube.com/user/striderzer0 Check him out and subscribe, he does great work for the community. He has a justin.tv channel too @ www.justin.tv/striderzer0 Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: 1st: RoyalFlush 2nd: Rotanibar I need to ask RoyalFlush for the results for the rest. Stay tuned! Thanks to Royal Flush and the rest of the SoCal TvC crew. There were 14 entrants for TvC, which is pretty good considering the game isn't arcade friendly (Capcom never updated TvC for arcade). A special thanks to anyone who entered TvC AND BlazBlue (No Drinks, Tronzilla, Gamerboy, and Holeymeister). You guys give us hope on learning non-Arcsys airdashers! Melty Blood: Actress Again: 1st: Xie [F-Hisui & Kohaku] 2nd: Id_ASZ [C-Ciel] 3rd: Josh [F-Miyako] 4th: ChrisCo [C-Akiha] Josh and ChrisCo entered exclusively for Melty Blood. I've been playing a lot with them at the arcade, and they were pretty excited to enter. Congrats to Xie for winning Melty Blood. He didn't even have to pick his main (C-Mech-Hisui) in order to win. There was only 4 entrants, so we ran a round robin. I'll promote the tournament more on MeltyBread.com and see if we can get some more people for MB. Mike Z. brought the fighting game he's working on, Skull Girls for Alpha testing and to get some crowd reactions. It looks really nice. 1080p sprites with shading effects from backgrounds and specials on them, 6 attack buttons (LMH Punches and Kicks) with an SFAlpha/Darkstalker-esque combo setup, sweet character design, and a designed not to break combo system, round out this game nicely. We might have it again next airdashers tournament in case you missed it this time! The next tournament will be on Sunday August 22nd. Bring your game on! Also, don't forget to meet up every Thursday for casuals! I bring in my PS3 for BB console characters, and we all go at it on BB, GG, and MB!
  23. Added rules on what to do in the unlikely event of a Round Robin. See the first post for details. See you guys there!
  24. hyyyype! Oh, and we may need another PS3 w/ Makoto and Mu if anyone can bring one. If there's a lot of people, we might need two setups.
  25. http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?9338-FFA-Airdasher-Bi-weekly-Tournaments-%28BB-GG-MB-etc.%29-Season-2010 The times are there. Generally it's 2PM for GG and MB, 5PM for BB and TvC