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  1. Get Hype! I'm heading down early to work on my PS2 and set up Arcana Heart. Hopefully I'll see you guys there! And the new character, Oni Akuma, in SSF4AE has an airdash! Maybe we should include AE now?
  2. For those of you who live near Japan Arcade, we now have BlazBlue CS and KoF13 over there too!
  3. I fixed an error on the front page. Melty Blood will start at 2PM, not 5PM.
  4. Whoops, I already said that AE is 50c now. I must be growing old >.< I might as well use this space to link to http://shoryuken.com/f24/ffa-looking...nizers-261803/. I really want to get tournaments started for more than just airdasher stuff. If you're interested in any of those other games, PM me and I'll get you in contact with the crowd who will be working on it. They need all the help they can get for other games.
  5. I'm talking with some of the SNK community to see what we can do about KoFXIII tournaments. It'll probably be a whole SNK related day of tournaments similar to how I do airdashers. The line-up will probably be something like: KoFXIII, KOF2k2:UM, Garou:MotW, and something else. http://shoryuken.com/f24/ffa-looking-tournament-organizers-261803/ There's a lot this year, and I can't do it all on my own, so I'm asking around for help from the individual communities. P.S. SSF4:AE is now 50c /play
  6. Holding an SBO qualifying tournament on a non-arcade cabinet is not unheard of. We've done it before for Melty Blood Act Cadenza. As for CS2, the only way for a US arcade to get it is when the console version comes out, and we'll be running tournaments on CS2 once it's updated, for sure. We've had a lot of SBO qualifiers in the past, and i'd like to start bringing that back (especially now that the criteria is easier to be a hosting arcade).
  7. GG, BB, AH3 and MBAA, probably. I'm just throwing the idea out there.
  8. Some noted differences: BB is now $5 to enter, down from $7. GG is now $3 to enter, up from $2. There's something we might do new for this season. I'm considering, on select games, of taking $1 and keeping it in a fund. The fund will possibly go towards plane tickets for an SBO qualifier. If we have started the fund and SBO is not a possibility (either because we couldn't collect enough money, or because the qualifiers are not available), we will hold a big tournament with the fund as the grand prize. Let me know what you guys think about that.
  9. Quick notices: BB arcade is now 25c per play. We now have KoFXIII at 50c per play. We also have SSF4:AE at $1 per play. EDIT: This is an old post. For those of you who care, AE is now 50c.
  10. I'm rebooting the old stats! (I still have the results saved on my PC if anybody wants to see them) Guilty Gear XX Λ Core: A.B.A: - Anji: - Axl: Jason D. Baiken: Id Bridget: - Chipp: - Dizzy: - Eddie: Takaya Faust: - I-No: Fuck Life Jam: - Johnny: - Ky: Takaya May: - Millia: - Order-Sol: The Bandit King Potemkin: Mike Z. Robo-Ky: Takaya Slayer: - Sol: DQRF Testament: Nadnerb Venom: - Zappa: LOVAGE BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend: Arakune: Bang: Carl: Haku-men: Hazama: Jin: Λ -11-: Litchi: μ -12-: Makoto: Noel: Platinum: Rachel: Ragna: Relius: Tager: Toakaka: Valkenhayn: Tsubaki:
  11. Id_asz

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    So, I just got it confirmed an hour ago: FFA (Family Fun Arcade of SoCal) will be visited by the MvC3 food truck this Friday (12/17) from 7-10pm! More info here: http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?10745-MvC3-Food-Truck-at-FFA-%28Socal%29-THIS-FRI!-%2812-17%29&p=878593#post878593
  12. This! http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?10745-MvC3-Food-Truck-at-FFA-%28Socal%29-THIS-FRI!-%2812-17%29&p=878593#post878593
  13. Hey guys sorry I haven't posted results in a bit, been crazy busy with something cool(not being mysterious, but you guys will see in a bit). I promise I'll post up Wednesday.
  14. Rotanibor can't make it on Sunday. He's the guy who usually runs the VS tournament. Shin, can you run that one for me, maybe?
  15. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. There's a new I/O board you have to buy for the game too. Well, hopefully BBCS2 will be console DLC relatively quickly.
  16. We've preordered the game and will be getting it from the same sources as Japanese arcades. The game comes out on Dec. 20th, but it might take a little while to get it shipped and processed, especially since arcade games are much bigger than your typical PS3 game and SSF4AE is coming out right at the holidays. I don't want to promise anything about how soon we'll get the game, but I'd guess anywhere between 3 days to 1 month after the game comes out. I'll be sure to announce ahead of time once we get a tracking number and can follow everything. Also, the game is very expensive, so expect to pay a lot to play it >.>
  17. So, I've got some news. FFA will not be getting BlazBlue Continuum Shift II for arcade, guaranteed. It's not an issue about money, it's an issue about us not being in Japan. I've had an email conversation with Taito Corporation's Japanese sales department and they told me that the game will exclusively be available on the NESiCA x Live System. Since FFA cannot connect to a Japanese internet, FFA cannot download the game. Also, an active internet connection is required, which means if we bought a system that has BBCS2 from Japan we could still not play the game. The active internet connection is needed in order to feed money to Taito for every credit that the customers play. Even if we somehow got the game from Japan and it worked, we would need to up the price of the game because Taito would take a cut of our sales. Thanks Taito! We'll still run tournaments, but it will be on console. Maybe we can make a console arcade-style cabinet like we have for SSF4 (and will have for MvC3). P.S.: I've also been in contact with RoyalFlush, and he tells me that when MvC3 comes out, they'll be switching TvC for MvC3. So we'll be having MvC3 for our tournaments. EDIT: I should probably post this up on the main BlazBlue thread, too, along with a copy of our e-mail exchange. I might do that in a bit.
  18. Sorry, something important came up and I couldn't make it. I really wanted to go and I know you guys were wanting VS... I would have posted here online but our internet crapped out on the Service Provider's side. I'm posting from work right now, idk how long it'll take for them to fix.
  19. Our GG machine has PS2 ports that you can plug your controller into. I know there's a lot of GG players who play on pad, so that's why I got it installed.
  20. Yes, I'm back from my long hiatus, and in full force. Let's see how well we can bring the FFA airdasher scene back. Family Fun Arcade 10363 Balboa Blvd. Granada Hills, CA 91344 (818) 360-0419 Currently we have: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Guilty Gear Λ Core Melty Blood Act Cadenza ver. B Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-stars (Yes, the console version if you're into this game) Since we just got BBCS, GG is now second most popular with MB in third. If you're looking for competition, you'll find plenty on the weekends, and I'm trying to get people to show up for Thursdays. I'll be there every Thurs night generally from 7PM-2AM. For Thursday night casuals I'll be bringing in my BlazBlue Continuum Shift with smexy Mu and Makoto. Tournaments will be coming soon (http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?9338-FFA-Airdasher-Bi-weekly-Tournaments-%28BB-GG-MB-etc.%29-Season-2010). Keep posted for possible Melty Blood Actress Again arcade cabinet in the future!
  21. So, I'm planning ahead for next year, and I figure a monthish break would be good (it would give people time to enjoy the holidays and to prevent their heads from exploding during finals). So the date I'm thinking of starting the tournaments again (remember 12/12 will be our last tournament of the year) will be January 23rd. Arcana Heart 3 will be out by then and hopefully BlazBlue CS2 will be out for consoles. Idk what the TvC guys are planning with MvC3 just around the corner at that time, Feb 15th; but for now I'll just plan around the airdasher games. At the start of Season 2011, everybody's character stats will start over. I've also revamped the point system a little bit. Hopefully we can jump start getting Melty Blood back in these tournaments, too. Just to review the times, here's how the schedule will be planned to go: 2PM: Guilty Gear Melty Blood Arcana Heart 5PM: BlazBlue Vampire Savior Tatsunoko Arcana Heart is going in the 2PM slot because it will be run on PS3s and we also need PS3s for BB, so AH and BB need to be in two different slots. Also, if I could get volunteers for any 2PM slot games, Arcana Heart, Guilty Gear, or Melty Blood, that would be great. I can take one, but all three would be a hand-full. And if anyone would be willing to bring in a PS2 for Melty Blood that would be greatly appreciated. (If anyone can help me fix my PS2 that would be good, too. I hear I just need to turn a gear a little bit in order to make the discs get read.) P.S. I'll be putting in VS during our Thursday casuals, so come down for VS, also!
  22. Oh, Brett I have your 2nd place winnings from GG. I'll give it to you if I see you on Thurs.
  23. BlazBlue: Arakune: ryofang Bang: WiCKED Carl: Zong_One Hakumen: ShinATProof Hazama: IkeTakeda Iron Tager: Mike Z. Jin: Donovan Λ -11: Severin Litchi: Severin Makoto: Makoto Camaro μ -12: Kro Noel: SBaloney Rachel: Jason D. Ragna: Sirokane Taokaka: Diar Tsubaki: MsJin Kisaragi Valkenhayn: JamesX Guilty Gear: A.B.A: ABAre Anji: SBaloney Axl: Jason D. Baiken: ShinATProof Bridget: Raptor Chipp: Sledge Dizzy: Fuzuri Eddie: AKA Faust: Xie I-No: - Jam: Id Johnny: render Ky: Brett May: SuperFX Millia: Kro Order-Sol: DQRF Potemkin: Mike Z. Robo-Ky: Zong_One Slayer: - Sol: Baddexample Testament: Mumm-Ra & Soniti Venom: Venom Camaro Zappa: Fuzurugi Vampire Savior: Anakaris: - B.B. Hood: ll.nd Bishamon: - Dimitri: Rotanibor Filicia: ShinATProof Hsien-Ko: Mike Z. J. Talbain: Tronzilla666 Jedah: Rotanibor Lillith: Id Lord Rapter: Mr. Camaro Morrigan: Jason D. Q-Bee: Severin Rikuo: Tronzilla666 Sasquatch: Zeppeli Victor: Sledge