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  1. Do you guys play a lot of BlazBlue or are you mostly GG players?

    Our casuals are most active in order of:

    1. Guilty Gear

    2. Melty Blood

    3. SkullGirls

    4. BlazBlue

    5. Arcana Heart 3

    6. Doujin fighters

    I would love for us to pick up more BlazBlue players. We just re-installed the arcade version of BlazBlue, and it would be great to get more players in general.

    If you want help learning GG, everyone there would be glad to help.

  2. Holy crap that was awesome!

    We had 11 people for Guilty Gear. Here's the results:

    Guilty Gear:

    1st Place: Mike Z. [Potemkin]

    2nd: Takaya [Robo-Ky/Eddie/Ky]

    3rd: Jason D. [Axl]

    4th: Robo Kymaro [Robo-Ky]

    6th: Id [baiken]

    6th: DQRF [sol]

    8th: The Bandit King [Order-Sol]

    8th: Fuck Life [i-No]

    11th: LOVAGE [Zappa]

    11th: Nadnerb [Robo-Ky/Testament]

    11th: TheRealBobMan [i-No]

    A.B.A: -

    Anji: -

    Axl: Jason D.

    Baiken: Id

    Bridget: -

    Chipp: -

    Dizzy: -

    Eddie: Takaya

    Faust: -

    I-No: Fuck Life

    Jam: -

    Johnny: -

    Ky: Takaya

    May: -

    Millia: -

    Order-Sol: The Bandit King

    Potemkin: Mike Z.

    Robo-Ky: Takaya

    Slayer: -

    Sol: DQRF

    Testament: Nadnerb

    Venom: -

    Zappa: LOVAGE

    Great games everyone! Thanks to GLHFTV for hosting the SkullGirls casuals stream. Trevor should be back again in 2 weeks to stream more fights. It was great seeing a bunch of you guys again.

    I'm still doing airdasher casuals every Friday night. We're playing Guilty Gear, Melty Blood, BlazBlue, and now SkullGirls. Hopefully some of you guys can come down.

    Our current arcade pool is now at $51. We still have a long ways to go before we can make a dent in paying for a new arcade board, but every dollar counts. Come down for the tournaments and help out the community!

    The next tournament will be on April 29th, again all at 5pm. If anyone can bring a PS3, it would be greatly appreciated. See you then!

    Also, don't forget that West Toast XVI is coming up! Get Hype!

  3. gg everyone. Had a great time with Numakie, DQRF, Seungpyo, SLEDGE, Takaya, Blumpkinking, Gamerboy, and KidGrave.

    Great reads on my bursts, DQRF. I need to get better at less obvious bursting, I just haven't been punished for it before, so I never had to get good at it. That's why I love casuals so much, it really helps me get better at all angles of gameplay.

    I'll see you guys again next Friday! Don't forget, we're having a tournament on Sunday the 15th, and West Toast XVI is coming up!

  4. Hey guys, I'll be moving into the Lancaster/Palmdale area this July. What's in the area (1-2 hour drive) as far as BlazBlue casuals, arcades, and similar things?

    Family Fun Arcade (FFA) is about an hour away from Lancaster. We have a Guilty Gear AC arcade cab, a Melty Blood AACC cab, and a ton of other fighters. We meet every Friday night around 8PM for casuals. I bring in my PS3 for BlazBlue, and sometimes we'll have a laptop for doujin fighters.

    Also, I run a bi-weekly airdasher tournament with Guilty Gear and BlazBlue every other Sunday. The next one will be on April 15th.

  5. FFA can't get P4:U until console release, because it's Nesica Live exclusive and we can't run it. So we'll hopefully be getting Under Night In-Birth...assuming it's not the same story.

    Also, there's supposed to be a local tourney this Sunday, is there not? Because I'm itching for some GG.

    Some EFZ and Akatsuki would be nice too. I'll bring 'em.

    Aye, April 1st, this Sunday, is our next tournament. Everything starts at 5.

    Sorry I haven't been posting much, I have just been swamped with school and life. If I don't post regularly, the next tournament will always be in 2 weeks, unless I state otherwise. Also, I've still been hosting Friday night casuals, and we've been getting some great action in GG, MB, BB, and sometimes PC fighters. If you're itching to play or learn, Fiday night is the time to show!

    Our tournaments have been very slow lately, due to them falling on the same day as big events. They should start picking up with this tournament. Because of that, we are very low on our Arcade pool money. Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena is NESiCA x LIVE exclusive, so we can't get the game in the US. Under Night In-Birth, however, is not on the Taito X2 board, it is on the Ring-Edge board, and so it won't be Japan exclusive (so we can get that for sure). The Ring-Edge board is Sega's equivalent to the Taito X series. With the Ring-Edge board, you can actually update the game through a USB port that will install on boot-up. You can even download the updates online (like we've been doing for MB)! If for some reason it takes us a really long time to raise enough money, and UNIB is out on console already, we'll re-evaluate how to spend the money. Until then, it looks like UNIB is what we're heading towards.

    Also This:

    West Toast XVI

  6. Hey guys, just an update on what's going on:

    1st: I have been incredibusy with school and work. I'm also hosting SF4+MvC3 and KoFXIII+MK9 tournaments, but will be passing the torch to some other people soon. Since I've been so busy, I've been neglecting updating this thread, but I do have all of the previous results and info. I will be posting all of it as soon as I have more time.

    2nd: I have been collecting the money for the arcade pool so far, and I'll be posting all of the details when I get more time, too.

    3rd: The airdasher tournaments ARE STILL GOING ON, every other Sunday. I will at least try and update the first post to reflect when the next tournament will be. FYI, the next tournament will be on March 4th.

    4th: I will be changing the time for Guilty Gear tournaments from 2PM to 5PM. There had been some confusion about the times before. I will just be making it 5PM from now on.

    5th: Also, some of you may have noticed I changed the price of BlazBlue. We decided on a policy to make the house cost $3 per person for all tournaments. This was decided a little bit before West Toast, and I just implemented it last tournament. What I'm going to do, though is take $1 from the house fee and put it into the arcade pool. So, BB pricing is as follows: $8 entry ($4 pot, $2 house, $2 pool).

    I'll see you guys this weekend!