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  1. Zeit Kuppler

    [CT] ν-13 Video Thread

    Heres a quick observation I immediatly noticed about your Nu. If he is not in your face, by all means throw a dagger out there(since I saw you rush in when you could've just played it safe thrown a dagger). Nu is good at zoning, so you should always be pressuring him at a distance. Force him to airdash and punish him for it ;o Also. Don't burst so early. It could really turn the match around Overall, pretty good. You can expand your setups though. Maybe 3C -> 236D RC? Grab more? That Jin player was not very good at all.
  2. Zeit Kuppler

    [CT+CS1] Noel vs. Arakune

    Noel's 28D is like a dragon punch...sorta.
  3. Zeit Kuppler

    [CT+CS1] Noel vs. Nu/Lambda

    Wow. Thats an awesome way to think about it. I can just try and bait certain swords
  4. Zeit Kuppler

    [CT+CS1] Noel vs. Nu/Lambda

    This is the match up I have the most experience with, so I'll share what I have learned from it. Please feel to put in your input and critiques, as I am not 100% sure about some of these things. These are just observations I have made while playing these match ups. 1. Stay out of the air. V-13 pretty much out prioritizes everything you do in the air as far as I know. If your up close to her and your approaching in the air, she has way more options than you to throw out an anti air. If your from a distance and your approaching from the air, she can throw out an air dagger and easily combo you, then push you away from here. You only want to air dash in when you see her throwing out a ground dagger. If your able to, stay as low as you can to the ground while being above the dagger(In this case, an instant air dash will work well). 2. Your normals are faster, but her normals have longer range. Pretty much, as you all know you want to stay as close as possible to V-13 during this match up. You can't let her have any distance at all because you literally have 0 offensive options. Noel's projectiles simply are not fast enough as hers. I normally approach from the ground by running towards her. You can cancel your run and instantly block if you barrier guard. You should do this if you see her attacking. Your goal here is to get close enough to throw out a normal or get within grab range and do your normal BnBs from there. Once your inside, chase her techs and continue the pressure. 3. Once your inside, she will of course try to attack back. A lot of V-13s love to spam the rapid daggers at close range. Your 1C goes right underneath that. ;o Another cool thing to do is if they spam 2C, just use your 2D and it'll jump right over her. Remember, don't give her room to breath. Throw out normals like your life depends on it. Also remember what character your playing. Noel is awesome at mix ups, so if their blocking, mix things up and work that pressure. The hardest part of this match up is closing in. But as long as your not stupid with your approaches and your completely random about it, you should be able to approach even the best V-13 player.
  5. Ohkay, Ill call you when Im on my way up. Ill try to get up early enough that if your free I can swing by an get some in before heading to my sisters. Her place is like 20 min away.

  6. Oh. Probably not. We can probably play around then.

  7. Oh. Probably not. We can probably play around then.

  8. HEY might be in town for superbowl doin anything?

  9. Zeit Kuppler

    General Millia Q&A Thread (Ask away!)

    Is there some incredibly weird timing for her throw -> 2p5p(jump cancel) air combo set up? Cause really. I can only do it every now and then. Its weird. When should I begin to run after the throw and where should I be standing in order to do the 2p5p and get them in the air?
  10. Zeit Kuppler

    AC Millia: Combo Lists

    s2h j.kd AD j.kd AD j.d Sometimes I fall after the second j.k while im doing my j.d. Anyone knows why this happens?
  11. Zeit Kuppler

    Fate/Unlimited Codes

    I like Fate/Unlimited Code's approach to tiers. Every character is like broke tier. Makes for some balance. :] Heres my opinion for a tier list: Top Tier: Saber, Archer, Sakura, Shirou, Lancer, Kirei, Gilgamesh High Tier: Berserker(This guy hits like a truck), Assassin,Rin, Rider, Castor Mid-low tier: There are none. :] I'd put everyone as top tier, but I have not seen too many super impressive vids on the high tier, although they are defiantly capable of doing high output damage as well.