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  1. American Release Date: April 19th, No price announced yet. http://www.facebook.com/#!/notes/aksys-games-localization-inc/arcana-heart-3-release-date-announcement/10150205686881667
  2. yup, i still need her, i'm willing to trade but all i have of valeu is FF7 RE2 RE3

  3. You can put a comment on the PSN ID thread :O

  4. AmedoS310

    BlazBlue Setting Material Collection Information

    Just wondering. has anyone posted any pictures from the material collection? If not, i would like to do that task.
  5. AmedoS310

    [CS2] Ragna General Discussion

    Can the Berial edge be used after 623C>236C>214C? Just wondering.
  6. AmedoS310

    Guilty Gear Stories (spoilers abound!)

    the picture is from the 2007 artbook of ggxx... where daisuke drew art from accent core plus and slash. come on, the long orange hair is a dead give away. that's justice (maybe after she died or gear human form). what other female is dead in ggxx with long orange hair... also those cd covers are pictures of ino and millia... no one new or no one random...
  7. AmedoS310

    Guilty Gear Stories (spoilers abound!)

    question: has justice's human form be proven? i believe this could indeed be her human form without a doubt if not... http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h114/Amedo310/ARIA.jpg
  8. AmedoS310

    Ky-Kiske Info/Combos Thread [Accent Core]

    oh... wow. lol well, ok then.
  9. AmedoS310

    Ky-Kiske Info/Combos Thread [Accent Core]

    Hi. I'm new here and i'm a ky player. I've been looking around the thread and online to see if anyone ever done the lighting sphere combo. It's a very tricky move to pull off, but i mastered it and wondered if i could be the first to ever pull it off.