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  1. Final Ultima

    [CF] Ragna Combo Thread

    The Aerial Gauntlet Hades need to be done immediately, so yes, a Tiger Knee motion would be appropriate. As for the second combo, the combo parts all need to be done as quickly as possible. The problem is pushback. Landing Dead Spike (DC) > dash 5B depends on how far you start the combo, whether or not you have dash momentum when you start and how much pushback is in the opening few hits. For 5C, you need to be starting point blank and with dash momentum. 3C is a little more generous pushback-wise and deals the same damage, so it's preferable. Omitting either attack keeps you close enough to land the dash 5B from a much further starting position.
  2. Final Ultima

    [CF] Ragna Combo Thread

    The dash cancel needs to start as soon as you connect with the move in question. Hitstop should be sufficient to buffer the dash cancel if you weren't already waiting for it. Getting a dash immediately after recovering from the dash cancel, however, is generally more troublesome than the dash cancel itself, at least at first. For that, you'll just need to keep practicing until you get a feel for it. For 22C (DC) > dash 5C specifically, you need to be dashing for a while so that you catch up to the sliding opponent. You can't just start a dash, immediately throw out 5C and expect to connect.
  3. Final Ultima

    [CF] Ragna Ver.2.0 Changes Discussion

    It's universal, going by the changelog. Early tweets seem to indicate that it's at least -9 on block. As for its minimum damage, I don't know that at the moment. It's the only move that's values aren't listed in Tora's damage/proration notes. I'll be sure to update the opening post when that information comes to light.
  4. Ragna the Bloodedge Airborne Hurtbox Hurtbox has been expanded upwards. 2D Changed to a low. 6A Starts up faster. 6B Hitstun time has been increased. 6D Regular version starts up faster, start-up matches the Over Drive version. Dash momentum has been reduced. Gauntlet Hades (All) Untechable time has been increased. Blood Scythe During movement, body, foot and projectile attribute invulnerability have been added. Slide duration has been increased. Nightmare Edge Damage and proration have been adjusted. First hit has reduced active frames, easier to hit grounded opponents. Last hit can no longer be emergency teched on ground hit. Counter Hit cannot be emergency teched regardless of ground or air hit. Specific Changes 6A Start-up decreased from 13 frames to 12 frames. 6B Hitstun time increased from 19 frames to 21 frames. 6D Start-up decreased from 26 frames (22 frames in Over Drive) to 21 frames. Airborne duration changed from frames 20~42 (frames 16~38 in Over Drive) to frames 15~37. Foot attribute invulnerability duration changed from frames 5~26 (frames 5~22 in Over Drive) to frames 4~20. Gauntlet Hades (All) Untechable time increased from 28 frames to 30 frames. Blood Scythe Frames 5~16 have body, foot and projectile attribute invulnerability. Nightmare Edge Damage decreased from 560*N to 480*N. P2 decreased from 89% to 79% (once). First hit active frames reduced from 3 to 2. All hits now ground bounce on air hit, no longer downs. Ground bounce increased on Counter Hit. Seed of Tartarus 10% minimum damage (60, (70*4), 245) added on hit. Blockstun increased from 25 frames to 26 frames. Recovery increased from 23 frames to 34 frames. Frame advantage decreased from ±0 to -10.
  5. Final Ultima

    [Xrd] Sol Badguy Combo Thread

    Regarding your first question: The route you just listed is a perfectly functional route that at the very least is guaranteed to work on everyone in any situation where a D-Loop rep into Fafnir can possibly connect in the corner. Even for that route however, there's no reason to do HS Volcanic Viper immediately after Kudakero. You have enough untechable time at your disposal for a slightly better ender. End the combo with 6P into either 6HS for late cancel into meaty Gun Flame, Bandit Revolver for longer advantage on knockdown or delay 5HS > HS Volcanic Viper -> Tataki Otoshi for better damage (depending on character hurtbox, weight, and combo length, this can also work off 6HS). In regards to routes that are more efficient, that depends on what you mean exactly. A more simple route can be something as straight-forward as dash c.S > 6P > 6HS into an optional HS Volcanic Viper -> Tataki Otoshi, depending on what you want to do for okizeme. A more optimal route would involve a dash Gun Flame into largely the same route you listed in your original post (2HS instead of 5HS on lightweights, Sin, Raven and Answer, and a High Jump instead of a regular jump for the j,D on non-super heavyweights). As for your second question: The standard Fafnir combo route is Fafnir, dash 5HS > 2HS (JC) > j.D, falling j.D |> Fafnir, dash 5K/c.S > 6P > delay 6HS (> HS Volcanic Viper -> Tataki Otoshi). The idea is to hit the opponent with the second Fafnir as high as possible so you have enough time to catch them with 5K or c.S before they hit the floor. This way, the lack of a tumble doesn't even come into play. Certain lightweights require you to omit one of the early normals so that the D-Loop rep is low enough that Fafnir hits them. Optimally, you can replace the dash 5HS > 2HS with Gun Flame, 5HS if you're already deep in the corner. This variation can also work on said lightweights. Off a CH Fafnir, you can replace the Gun Flame with a dash Bandit Bringer for better damage and some pretty ridiculous corner carry.
  6. The build for REV 2 they were using at KSB had prompts during start-up asking whether you wanted to transfer various bits of REVELATOR save data over to REV 2 (separate prompts for System Data, Story Mode Data, Replay Data and Digital Figure Mode Data), so yeah.
  7. Final Ultima

    [XrdR2] Sol Badguy Changes Discussion

    So there's another aspect of the new 6HS that hadn't been noticed until just recently, but I'm afraid to say that it no longer has a stun modifier, unlike the old 6HS. It deals base stun damage now. While this change shouldn't affect us massively, it does mean that stun sequences such as "CH Fafnir into a full combo, then a second combo into stun" have been somewhat nerfed, and it means that we no longer have a meterless stun combo against Chipp or Dizzy.
  8. Final Ultima

    [XrdR-XrdR2] Sol Badguy Video Discussion/Analysis Thread

    There's no change to either Kudakero or untechable time decay. The reason the combo is dropping for you is because you're delaying 5HS for too long. It just so happens that the untech decay timer is at such a point where the difference between no delay (or a very minimal delay) and the usual delay early on in the combo is the difference between one untech decay threshold and the next by the end of the combo.
  9. Final Ultima

    [XrdR2] Sol Badguy Changes Discussion

    Here's a change that wasn't specified in any of the change logs. (DI) 5K - Attack start-up time has been increased from 3F to 4F. Also, it may be worth noting that as 6HS has been replaced, so in turn has (DI) 6HS, and rather than simply copying all the frame data over from the old (DI) 6HS, the new one appears to be considerably buffed. It starts up in only 10 frames (enough to combo off a (DI) 5P) and is +4 on block (6HS into 2K is a true blockstring).
  10. Final Ultima

    [XrdR2] Sol Badguy Changes Discussion

    While nothing has been confirmed (as the change lists typically don't specify when changes only apply to the regular version), it's unlikely. Like basically every other special in Dragon Install, (DI) Aerial Bandit Revolver had more benefits than its standard counterpart to begin with (its higher attack level and reduced landing recovery allows you to land and extend the combo before the opponent recovers), and it would lose those benefits if its properties matched. I doubt that TEAM RED would go out of their way to make one of Sol's lesser used specials in Dragon Install even less useful, especially when some of the existing changes have made other specials in Dragon Install more stable. Besides, it's not as if Dragon Install Sol is in desperate need of a knockdown that corner carries or anything. (DI) Kudakero has fantastic corner carry as is, and even (DI) Tataki Otoshi knocks the opponent away in a way that regular Tataki Otoshi doesn't.
  11. Final Ultima

    [XrdR2] Sol Badguy Changes Discussion

    Aside from causing standard hitstun on ground hit rather than knockdown, the new 6HS is functionally identical to the old one. It's still a mid, it still knocks down on air hit, still ground bounces on CH. There are some other changes such as a shorter total duration (recovery) and presumably a slightly different hitbox and hurtbox, but that's it really.
  12. Final Ultima

    [XrdR2] Sol Badguy Changes Discussion

    The old values are just there for comparison, "3to5f" means "changed from 3F to 5F". As for ground hit 6HS, it's been confirmed to have standard hitstun. Sol has basically stayed the same since Location Test #2.
  13. Final Ultima

    [XrdR2] Sol Badguy Changes Discussion

    Kedako's rundown of Sol's frame data changes. It's worth pointing out that according to these changes, 5K(1) is now active for one frame rather than two, so the second hit comes out faster, relatively speaking. This means that 5K(2)'s utility as an anti-air hasn't been weakened to the extent that many of us feared. Also, because of the significantly reduced total duration of the new 6HS, it must have better recovery than the old one. Whether or not this affects the cancel window for meaty Gun Flame remains to be seen.
  14. Final Ultima

    [XrdR2] Sol Badguy Changes Discussion

    That's all we know for now.
  15. Final Ultima

    [XrdR2] Sol Badguy Changes Discussion

    ...and there it is.