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  1. Thank you for your work on BuruRaji!

  2. Haha I'm so dumb, I even watched 6 eps of that show. I totally forgot about her, thanks

  3. Nakagawa Kanon from "The World God Only Knows". It's not a loli, rofl.

  4. Yo, can you please tell me where your avatar's from? Dat loli

  5. Where you at, bro? Getting kinda lonely in PSN without you to spar with. :

  6. Thanks for the stream, guys! We, people in Europe, really appreciate it. Stayed up til 6AM to watch the whole stream. You seem like a pretty cool community there. Also, Dacid's commentary is hype. He's a natural for it.
  7. HEY COOL IT'S... ah it's just weika

  8. Oh look, it's Smooth Cri- I mean Shino!

  9. Hm... Nope, the name Shino doesn't seem to ring a bell here. I'm clearly not darkninja_loki from MAL and you're clearly not a nazi.

  10. Oh, I see some familiar faces.