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  1. Chrome Homura

    [AC+] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

    Day 1 of +R for me and everyone else who waited... hella GGs today! Shoutouts to Dr. Stormlocke (I'd really like to play you again sometime, your level of play is astounding) Dropped Inputs, BeastOfFire, MacBlunts, Desmon Delaghetto, hursh191, and jrnnn. I had to shake off some rust when the day started, and started out playing the Sol MU (Shoutouts to 80% consistency with dustloops, and what felt like 95% with other combos... that's some crazy solid execution man, good stuff) I got bodied pretty hard for the better part of the day before falling into sets with some newer players, I should probably stop doing Jackhound at neutral and making other ill-conceived choices (mostly neutral or defensive game stuff) that just don't do the job... which is gonna take some work, but I'm up for it. Looking forward to playing lots more +R!
  2. Chrome Homura

    Guilty Gear FAQ Thread - Ask your questions here!

    Link seems dead, what was it linking to?
  3. Chrome Homura

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I'm more at fault here than you, but I appreciate the apology. I got you to be honest, and that's good enough for me. Edit: in regard to "being cryptic", I was referring to the fact that I had absolutely no idea how to interpret your post when I first read it, as it didn't contain the edit. all I got to see was "hashtag thug life" before writing my reply, and frankly I don't like it when I see something I can't figure out. At that point, that one line of text was a riddle I could never hope to solve. So mentioning my willingness to do irrational things in order to find out the truth was the play I decided to make, even if it had meant uncovering that you actually hated me or something. Whatever it was, I just wanted to know... that's basically it. I just prefer honesty to vagueness most the time, I'd say that concept is a considerable chunk of my core as a human being. Your points are valid, throwing around words about it isn't going to get me or anyone else closer to our goals. But consider this as well: you might have read my post as being sour, but it included a joke about wanting sexual favors from fictional characters and look what happened: at least two people appreciated the joke, and one of them replied hinting that they wanted to immortalize it by carrying it in their signature. I'd consider that worth the effort, regardless of how others might read the post. So while I can respect that you probably want to be reading more relevant topic information and feel like the complaints are a waste of your time and everyone else's, it couldn't hurt for you to recognize that this is something people (myself included, unfortunately) are just gonna do, and that trying to force the "bitching" to a halt is likely just as futile an effort as the perceived goal behind the complaints themselves (that said, I'll do my best to keep your words in mind when making future comments here.) I for one, don't make these posts with the intent of blaming someone else for my problems. It's possible some other folks have different opinions on that, but I doubt most of us who are salty about the issue are really so brazen. You might see it as a waste of precious forum space, I see it as the collective trying to keep themselves from blowing up on their IRL friends, or their parents, or whoever it is they care about besides themselves. That's why it doesn't bother me when I check this thread and there's only another re-iteration of the same frustration to read.
  4. Chrome Homura

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    ...And yet, for all that's changed I still can't figure out on my own whether you're just being funny or actually mocking me. Internets, right? However, I'm not who I was then. The me of '09 would have continued to treat you as a wall and aimlessly broken his skull in search of a mere understanding between two people (it's weird how we like, care about things, I'd toss every possession I own out my bedroom window just to get you to stop being so damned cryptic) but I have different ideas now. I may not be practicing what I preach at this point (I mean, I'm bitter. You probably have no idea how much that one-liner affected me) but in spite of my defensive attitude here, I'd still give you the benefit of the doubt in person. I'd trust you anyway, no matter how stupid that sounds... So I'll leave it at that. It would seem I haven't had anything to post here about in forever aside from being salty. But that's a privilege I can afford, because why not? People don't need reasons to complain on the internet, I was using those expressions to let go because I was pissed at something else. Just because I said all that up there doesn't mean I'm not gonna blow the 40$ or whatever it'll cost to get +R on my PS3... it just means I'm gonna be angry about it when I do. But sadly I've got more important issues on my plate than GG, so it might be a while before I end up doing that. Edit: Well nevermind, it seems I still indeed am terrible at communicating. I just re-read my previous post and noticed it's missing a coherent point. I put a lot of reminiscing in there to see what you'd say, mostly because I'm curious about your opinion of me as a person I suppose. I was also wondering aloud when it came to discerning the cause behind my success against Randy's Chipp (though if I had to guess, I'd say we traded hits and my character still takes more of them to die) but in all honesty I think I was just seeking recognition, however crude my methods were. I wanted to say that I had reasons for being stubborn about this particular thing, but lost myself along the way.
  5. Chrome Homura

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    You're right, but while I'm not incapable of swallowing my pride it's a tough pill to take. I mean, do you remember that conversation we had about driver's licenses the first time we met? I still have no idea how to drive... I feel like I've been so busy struggling to learn how to interact with people that I have no time for figuring out how to earn a living, or otherwise gain influence in the world. I'd still drop anything to play GG if anyone who mained it ever dropped by my local venue, but it's difficult to seek other possibilities when there's so little to seek from where I am. Without the aforementioned resources I can't even buy a good router to play online without lagging my opponents to death, and nobody here ever drives to Portland. The last time I got to play a real person was against Randy in Salem a couple weeks ago, and we're both rusty as fuck. Yet for some reason I was winning, and it occurred to me that this was happening despite the fact that he was the one crushing me that one day at Mark's, along with everyone else I played against... But hey, so many other great memories of that day right? Getting salty at you for no reason, forgetting that a 2 hour ride should've been arranged when I got there instead of right when it was time to leave, having a fucking breakdown at pita pit, leaving my backpack in the trunk after... And probably not even bothering to say thanks for any of it. Good times, ne?
  6. Chrome Homura

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    We've waited this long. I think practically everyone who didn't bite the bullet and get a JP psn account by this point can empathize when I say that if I were to do so and buy it tomorrow, the thought of it coming out at any given point afterwards is so insulting that I would literally dehydrate and die from all the salt. Even if it didn't, nothing could ease the pain of having suffered this long without it short of Daisuke himself handing me the singular copy of a special-edition version of the game with a function where I could get free blowjobs from the female character of my choice at any point by inputting 632146D. In other words, it'd feel dumb to cave in. By now, who on earth wants to admit that?
  7. Chrome Homura

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    *sigh* good sir, I give more fucks about Guilty Gear than most humans throw away in a lifetime of debauchery. As a PS3 owner with no budgeting skills or friends, I made my decision to wait in July. If someone had informed us it would take half a goddamn year for them to localize a fucking patch, I would have made a JP account at the speed of Kusoru's DI VVRC whiffed wild throw back then. But somebody (I forget who) convinced me to keep my funds in check, saying that a JP account wasn't worth the money. Whoever that person was, they deserve to die.
  8. Chrome Homura

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    I can't answer for anyone else, but I still have faith in GG enough to play it at any given opportunity. I don't have access to +R atm (let alone the internet connection necessary for quality games with people) but I'm still hungry for glory. Who's with me?
  9. Chrome Homura

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    So that's what we've been waiting on... I guess the American PSN release took a backseat to fixing stuff... sucks to hear about the macros though. Oh well, it's not like I can afford to attend majors anyway
  10. This is great news! Now if only someone would provide similar evidence against Baiken so this debate could die... >_>
  11. Chrome Homura

    Dengeki FIGHTING CLIMAX: Announced at TGS.

    Baccano alone has enough epic characters to make an entire fighter by itself... so yeah, there damn well better be someone from it in this game. I'd settle for Jacuzzi Splot, but seriously hoping for Ladd, Vino or Firo (Graham Specter? Graham Specter.) Actually hell with it, I will ragequit life if Ladd motherfucking Russo isn't in this game. I seriously hope it's not an all-female cast (Although if it were, Chane or Nice wouldn't be too bad I guess) because... well, because.
  12. Really, this. My main doesn't gain jack shit from negative edge, and I'll be damned if someone tries to tell me I need to alter my button setup (or my personal favorite, "buy a stick lol") just to suit their pissy needs. Macros are what keep pad players not named finalshowdown alive, and it sickens me to see this kind of BS threatening that.
  13. Chrome Homura

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Well, Qwerty more or less covered the concepts, but the technical details (I.E "exact changes" as you point out) are as follows: His "pool" summon (which generated the easiest of his unblockable setups) now hits opponents who are OTG, thus making it impossible for ED to set up unblockables with it. Now, this summon can only be practically used as a combo extender (not that it generates any significant damage) the optimal followup now being Drunkard ShadexN to build meter + drill KD to finish. This can still lead to a Drill FRC IAD unblockable, but it's harder to execute and a tad more risky depending on the opponent's reversal options. Also notable is that this unblockable does decent damage, but ends in a reset. Also, his Summon moves cost just a bit more gauge to use (thus shortening his pressure/combo strings) and in addition the gauge itself takes longer to recharge. In AC if you unsummoned before the gauge ran out it refilled instantly. Now if you unsummon before the gauge runs out, it refills at the rate it did when you used it up entirely in AC, and should you exhaust it (or lil-eddie is hit) in +R it refills even slower. Paying attention to the gauge itself is now paramount, as the margin for error is much smaller. In AC if Eddie ran out of gauge that was your chance to get in, as he could very easily regain his momentum just as soon as it refilled. In +R an Eddie with a full gauge is less fearsome to begin with, and when lil-eddie goes away you have more time than before to pressure him before he can summon again. The reason you don't see as many ED players now is likely because he now represents a more significant investment: the players who used to tier-whore him have all jumped ship in favor of some easier character, and Ogawa is off god-knows-where...
  14. Assuming GG will be on Saturday or Sunday (due to scheduling BS, I'll be coming in on Friday evening) count me in. I call dibs on BLEED's old palette (EX+P) so NOBODY FUCKING USE IT BUT ME
  15. Seeing as how it worked out so well last time, I guess I could go with this route again... I kinda need a room. I'm down to play AE2012/KOFXIII/GG casuals (bringing my PS3) and I'll sleep on the floor if I have to. I promise I'm not evil, faultydefense can tell you