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  1. Really hyped to try out Angelia and Eko. Didn't get to play AH2 but have watched many videos on AH3. Particularly of Angelia, Eko, and Weiss. Will probably play some Kamui and Konoha. Reminds me, is Konoha still a good rushdown character? She was my sub besides Kamui in AH1.
  2. I play mostly as kamui and saki and didn't get a chance to play AH2 ported. Can someone give me a rundown on their stats since AH1? I've heard Kamui got nerfed pretty bad but Saki seems the sam or buffed. My friend plays as heart, Lilica, and Lisotte (?) primarily. Any difference for them as well?
  3. Sounds good, I'm sure we'll get some games in.

  4. Your coming to Otakon and are a JO? Cool stuff, I don't have any experience playing a JO. Be cool if I got to play ya.

  5. Hi-C

    Anji Mito: Videos

    No more good Anji's? My life is over. Good bye cruel world.
  6. Hi-C

    Tatsunoko vs Capcom

    I used Morrigan and Karas. D: Oh well, I can beat the ken-zero scrubs at the gamestop for fun.
  7. Hi-C

    GG:AC Official Tier List Thread

    M.Song FTT just said its in robo's favor. :8/:
  8. HAM room is: Play~ pw: 1234

  9. Hi-C

    The Good, the Bad, and Ugly as Hell Baiken Matchups

    I've asked that before but got ignored apparently... also Hellmonkey is kind of our know-it-all I think. Also, the matchups have been pretty much covered I do believe. I guess making the sub-matchup forum would mean go through this thread and repost the data discussed. And not many would want to do that.
  10. Hi-C

    The Good, the Bad, and Ugly as Hell Baiken Matchups

    Don't we all. D:
  11. alright then,anyway if you want my version just go to 4shared and type eternal fighter zero you should find it,go get some sleep.(i don't know how old you are but I'm sure its not like its healthy for you to stay up.)

  12. Nevermind its 1.21. Anyways, its late for me right now 12:39 Eastern. We can talk about this later ya?

  13. if you wanna have a couple rounds my ip adress is im not sure how it works but i think if i host a room and you type my ip we should be able to fight eachother.btw,could you tell me yours? and what time is it?

  14. I think its 4.02 since its included in the download file. :P

  15. do you still have it? what version is it? i have 4.02