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    [CT] Arakune vs. Hakumen

    I was fighting our local hakumen tonight and we were mostly splitting. What the match came down to is Hakumen's jumping C. Basically with Arakune I feel like I have no viable anti air. If I try and jump out after blocking Hakumen can IAD j.C and push me back to the ground. It was literally a game where Hakumen is jumping at me and I'm struggling to get ground. I was trying to time standing C but most of the time he would either stuff it, go over it or simply block it. What should I be doing against someone who is just jumping? I felt like my dmg options were severely limited.
  2. Wallstreet

    [CT] Arakune Combo Thread

    Hi. I'm trying to pick up Arakune. I can do the 6c loop and other basic combo's. I think my biggest problem right now is what to do once I've actually got the opponent marked. If I have a dude marked and I'm mid screen what do I do? Just mash buttons to get bugs out?
  3. Wallstreet

    Slayer's Character Specific Combos List

    Okay yes, by c.S I meant crouching slash. First off, a huge thanks for the quick reply. Always helpful sir, thank you. In regards to j.k -> j.D etc. I've had reasonable success. Is it a "link" or is it distance based? Linking the j.k and the j.d, if I can land the j.d combo-ing is easy afterwards.
  4. Wallstreet

    Slayer's Character Specific Combos List

    HOW I COMBO BITCHES IN THE AIR? I'm having problems combo-ing the female cast off an AA c.S in particular. When I land a c.S I generally do j.k, j.2k, j.k JC into nothing because they tech. The lighter characters seem to float too high and I'm not sure where I need to change my air combo? Any advice?
  5. Wallstreet

    The AC Slayer Q-n-A Thread

    Is there any chance you could elaborate on "variant" stuff. Mostly I'm interested in learning that kind of combo for either DOT FRC bullshit or to fucking stuff Potemkin in his ugly face. P.S. Potemkin is a lamer
  6. Wallstreet

    The AC Slayer Q-n-A Thread

    Okay I've been a relative long time lurker but this particular item has been frustrating me and I'd like to hear some advice on it. Combo's that involve an IAD j.k x 2 into 5HS relaunch. (BBU, 5HS, IAD, J.k J.k land 5HS etc... ) How the fuck do you do 2x kicks? Is there some memo I haven't received?