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  1. I'll always show at Evo. Alcohol and whores.
  2. 10stars

    New York City Thread #1582048

    yo xaq good shit in teams dude, hope you enjoyed your empire dollars.
  3. I will work with daiandoh to get the bang content going. I can also do some of the recording for bang to save you some work, spirit.
  4. 10stars

    New York City Thread #1582048

    Fuck new york.
  5. Cause BB sucks and marvel doesnt.
  6. I'm arriving thursday at 8:30 Am, however i cant get into my room til 3pm (Fail) If anyone's there and wants to get games in early AM send me a message on here and ill get back to you.
  7. 10stars

    Gvn Winter Brawl 5 Results

    Good shit to alzarath for 7th. good shit to eric for running godlike events. Good shit to Sweetjohnnycage not knowing who tournament players are, and thinking that my name is deadstar and telling me im eliminated from mvc3 singles. Shout outs to me cussing him out. Thanks to Mikenapalm and everyones room who i crashed at. Thanks to E for that hulk shirt. Looking forward to Summer jam, lets go.
  8. 10stars

    New York City Thread #1582048

    Fuck you then black damon.
  9. 10stars

    New York City Thread #1582048

    This really does make me sad. CTF was where i participated in my first tournament, when i was a wee lad.
  10. 10stars

    New York City Thread #1582048

    Game over man, GAME OVER.
  11. 10stars

    [CS2] Bang Info/Discussion/Question Thread

    Probably not, the whole cheating on the gf thing last year is holding me back from evo.