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  1. Lol yea, netplay is a sinfestation And a sol breeding ground. As for the sin match its pretty hard imo, good sin players will use f.s to control neutral and use slide to low profile your f.s. if he is ever in the air though, you'll most likely beat him out. So if he stays grounded and has stellar spacing, you are going to have to 3k to get in and use the swords to get him to jump.
  2. Sure , sakaku made a critique thread though, so post it there
  3. I know personally, what i would do is go for throw rc all the time, unless i have both swords deployed and i wanna dash toranshi for oki
  4. Yea i like it too and the air combo you get after does alot but that start up though; it leaves alot to be desired, i wish it has, upper invul at least
  5. This has been mentioned before, but for that combo to work, you have to delay air the normals and delay the j.8d in order be as low as possible so you can do iad j.k, j.s really quickly
  6. yes if you want the damage. Especially if you are going to win the round. or if you want to keep momentum and pin them in the corner. otherwise if you have no meter or wanna save it just go for oki
  7. This character would be so much better with gatlings, At least 5P into 5s; at least
  8. ^^ exactly,with swords 5s jump cancel and f.s jump cancel ,j.p j.k, occasionally 6p for anti air until you can get that dauro confirm or 5p it chains into it self like 4 time so i guess you can set up throws with that and use it to confim into 2kk. Thb, you are going to be jumping around alot with her trying to get a hit, j.2d is sorta okay if you are getting chased
  9. Nah,most of her normals are negative so if you so 2kp you are at minus 2 and deployment has start up, not a frame trap
  10. Oh, damn i was trying to do that combo the wrong way, i was trying to do c.S 2d dauro, ppp, dash 5s j.8d iad , which was giving me hell to connect
  11. Its really hard to gey any corner carry if at all from regular dauro, yes you can connect pk right away but if you do dash , whatever it will most likely drop or even if it hits, you cant get the ppp wall-hit, i havent experimented with that. The rule of thumb always do green dauro, because it sets up perfectly, the dash pk, dash pk, ppp wall splat into iad or dash s 6s f.s , sword hit, whatever.. into oki
  12. The jump is there to confuse your opponent, you can also chose which side you wanna land on (same side over head, same side low or opposite side, same option or air dash either side mixup, it gives you more option once they are scared
  13. Yes the combo works, does around 193 damage with IAD j.p j.k j.s or variations of that ender even with 2d. but yea its easier on light characters , you have to micro dash super fast to get the ppp to connect, IMO, not even worth it cause regular bnb is easier
  14. SIne

    (AC+R) Testament Videos (Updated 6/6/15)

    I like @ 3:23 . and damn Kuma did a pretty burst safe variation, and after 5s, zeniest , j.p still got hit with the burst , Lol that double K.O. was hype though..
  15. SIne

    [AC+R] Testament Q&A

    I disagree, he may have been nerfed from ac but testament is still really really good. Off basically any air or ground confirm you can take them to the corner. His teleports, when you use a beast to cover him are very useful. He has amazing pressure and new hitomi placement and better zeniest, + the hitomi and beast frc..also fb skull forces your opponent to play around it and if it hits, really changes momentum. Yeah the damage kinda sucks but once they are poisoned, it adds up. Hey it could be worse, you could be playing venom