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  1. I have an amplified splitter that does composite and S-video that I am bringing as part of my recording setup, my priority is capturing all of the MBAA tourney matches but it can be used for whatever once they are concluded. I have a bunch of the necessary male to male cables as well but not all of them are very long so that might cause some problems.
  2. ckosra

    [CT] Hakumen vs V-13

    Gorou vs. 0 http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm7212978
  3. ckosra

    [CT] Hakumen Thread

    So I was watching a matchvid against Jin and I noticed the Hakumen player was countering some of Jin's ice swords. Is there any real advantage to using Hakumen's drive to negate Jin's projectiles rather than instant blocking or jumping over them?
  4. ckosra

    Arcana Heart 2

    It IS a bad port because it does not run well on the hardware it was intended for. I guess there is some potential in emulating it though.
  5. ckosra

    Arcana Heart 2

  6. Haha, it's a pro wrestler from WWE named Edge (real name Adam Copland). Yeah, I used to watch wrestling back in the day and still keep up with it every now and then.

  7. Hey who is that guy in your new avatar?

  8. ckosra

    Faust in Accent Core: Game Play/Stategy

    I have a question for all you Faust players: what do you do when a bomb comes out? I really want to use bombs to my advantage but I usually end up getting out of the way while my opponent does the same so nothing really gets accomplished.