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  1. But the move in that case doesn't continue after the yrc, unlike ino's vertical love and say, zato's drill?
  2. But the move in that case doesn't continue after the yrc, unlike ino's vertical love and say, zato's drill?
  3. I suppose I should have worded that first active frame. Just like i-no chemical love as the post I was replying to mentioned.
  4. All moves do damage on the first frame. You can put a yrc at any point in a move and still have it come out and do damage. They choose not to with normals as that would look silly, the ice spoke would be a rather easy and very fair usage of yrc. That and bubble should have no problems being fully yrc able
  5. I generally trust this design team, so I'm not too worried.
  6. I will be sad to lose some of her normals if they do a whole Johnny redesign. I realllllly want to hold onto far s.
  7. She was in a great spot in reload, spent most of the game's life at about 9-10 of 23, a pretty good middle tier if you ask me. Though that's not what I was attempting to convey, more of one should prioritize interesting over fun, and I have faith in red to make her interesting. She wasn't a monster in AC, but AC power levels were insanely high. AC almost anything would be a monster in here. She only needs single fish to get top 3 oki in the game, double fish was just lazy and therefore less interesting. And the it made it even more difficult in neutral for characters that had trouble with the fish in neutral. She could easily be given double fish and j.2s and still be bottom tier depending on how they balance her, but I was just stating the moves take away from her fun high level long term. Geist: having a catch all normal isn't horrible, but is less fun than using a toolbox and finding the right took for the right spot. Having more layers than "attack or not" makes a character more fun for most in the long term.
  8. #R dizzy was great, and I did great with her. i am hoping for an interesting character, that matters much more than a "good" one.
  9. I hated dizzy's jump 2s and the double fish, so I'm super hyped for a reload version. She's definitely my favorite version. Jump 2s made redundant so much of her air moves it jus became a go to in so many situation, did not promote thinking. That's not even going into how stupid iad 2s overhead was. The double tap fish was WAY too strong in neutral for characters that had trouble with it. I had never in reload felt "man, getting a fish out isn't good enough!" It almost always lead to at least one mixup which was all it should. The double fish also was stupid good for oki, where she could already pretty much win off one knockdown. Made her mixups braindead easy. hold spear I like, but it could certainly slow down the game sometimes. If she got just her reload package + yrc she would be number one in the game flat out. They will need to throw some nerfs or yrc lockouts.
  10. Can we stop talking about this and resume conversation about dizzy?
  11. Maybe they could just give hos's moves to a new char?
  12. Lol at the person ITT who thinks because dizzy got voted in, they would just put the art staff on paid version because she was a "freebie" honestly i just wanted diz in the console version, this gaurentees that.
  13. I think this slayer is moving in the right direction. Though I do want bite to be stronger, I don't know how exactly to do that.
  14. It wasn't difficult to deal with most american's reload bite loop. XX was another story.
  15. It does and I certainly won't disqualify this, but America takes more to Street fighter than GG by a margin compared to Japan. Now I will say in my experience on average, GG players are FAR AND AWAY more dedicated to their game than SF players but.... it's very difficult to overcome the dearth of players. We end up knowing certain few matchups better than overall characters, and when it comes to clean play we are just left behind because we don't have enough people punishing our suboptimal choices with the correct options. Zidane did great (whoooooo go that guy!) partially because he had his own style of Leo that the japanese were actually taking notes to try and adapt to. A lot of resets with Zweit (sp?) and such that may not be the cleanest form of Leo, but was EXACTLY what he needed to crack the Japanese who weren't used to that sort of play.
  16. Guess what, it's NEVER worth it for fighting games from an economic standpoint. Probably even non fighting games as well
  17. Well it's a good thing that I am a rocker who loves queen, so I will be able to shoot the shit with him and bother him for not putting a bowie character into the game.
  18. Jealous! Always wanted to meet the guy.
  19. That's really neat honestly.
  20. I learned a good chunk of the game from theory fighter. I had talked to Final Showdown and he said much the same (in his own, Final showdown way).
  21. I mean, that's cool and maybe it clicked with you. But I have taught a TON of people a lot of different games. Getting people comfortable in SF4 is like 8 things, basic antiairs, a basic poke or two, VERY basic tick throws, maybe a 2-1 off a hitconfirm (advanced). At that point, you actually start to see people fall into real fighting game mechanics, once the anti-air's are in place they start spacing, being careful with their stupider moves ect. In guilty gear it takes forever before they stop basically facerolling at each other with their gradually more advanced combos. This isn't because of YRC or slashback or whatever, those are much higher level issues. This is because the basic mechanics to actually prevent people from running all over you are way more difficult than "hit down and fierce". So beginners just keep getting run all over.
  22. GG is hard as fuck for new people to learn, I don't know what everyone is going on about. The complexity is necessary for many of the interactions and design points, but that doesn't make it easy. SF4 is the easiest fighting game to get to the point where you are really playing fighting games. By far. The problem is it caps out in interest way earlier by the same tools that are used to make it accessible.
  23. I'm not specifically jumping in on the melee debate, but it does not have the greatest freedom of movement, check out mvc2 magneto and storm. Hell, even plink dashing has slightly more control in mvc3.
  24. I would happily take a ky over the second faust or millia.