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  1. And by new character you mean dizzy.
  2. What do you mean "tick throws work"? The offense in SF4 is anemic, it could not be more painfully slow. Most characters who in the first two years had any chance of being high tier simply had powerful ways around the throw break (dive kick, dp fadc into stupid damage in earlier version). It wasn't until a slew of option select came around grounding every option that you have that basic throws began to have value without the anti crouch tech moves. I don't know what purple throws are in CS, so I can't comment and don't really care. The only reason it sorta might need a throw break is because the whiff animation is so small and you have no air control for most chars. For your second point, the defender has a recourse. It's counter throw. That's why you are throw invul for 4 frames coming out blockstun, that so you will win the dual throw attempts. In fact, for this situation you go for the throw early because you are the defender, you get the throw, putting millia in a very bad spot considering her defensive options (character dependent). If throw breaks were added, instead of taking millia to the ground for damage and likely corner mixups you get a throw break. Whooooooo... What throw breaks DO allow is for you is if you are less confident in your throw guess, you can throw a bit later and still get the break. This makes it harder for the opponent on offense to guess your throwing frames and tag you with a low, exponentially harder for every frame of throw break window added. What we have right now is a system that prevents the guaranteed offensive throw if you call it out, and rewards the person who had the better timing/was willing to commit more. What throw breaking introduces is a hold your hand "close enough" system, that halts the flow to a grinding stop and forcefully places you in neutral. 1-2 frames isn't horrible, but why even bother? All it does is weaken the normal throw game, yawn. Guilty gear has powerful fucking throws, that is a cornerstone reason the offense feels so tight and fast.
  3. Throw breaks on same frame are fine, anything else just slows down the game and reduces attackers advantage. Many of the characters using normal throws really need it in their pressure, like ky. The game was setup with the proper mechanisms to prevent unavoidable throws, and give a strong defender advantage. Most characters with fast jabs have smaller throw ranges to prevent sf2 esque tick traps. In it's current state, you reward the player who threw first/had better timing. There isn't really a necessity for a degree of imprecision to be thrown into the game. Having no throw breaks increases the tension (not the meter) of being rushed down. While 1-2f is not the end of the world (although I did get a lot of throw breaks in AC), it just means there is less of a bad thing, instead of none of a bad thing. Super turbo ironically needed throw breaks and didn't have them, but almost no fighting game after that really "needed" them.
  4. I hate throw breaks so much, it's almost more disappointing than I dizzy wasn't to return.
  5. I don't mind danger time. I understand what they were trying to do, it really doesn't bother me even when I lose for it.
  6. If dizzy isn't revealed in this version, I will up and quit video games.
  7. I doubt it, even out of block you have like 4 or something
  8. Back in the day, in certain scenarios where you thought you would get clash, you could enter in double dp. Outside of execution not a huge reason not to, and it would blow through any post clash button they pressed.
  9. I usually do the back throw, but in my head I say I should be doing forwards throw OS P+H or something like that.
  10. She has the fastest reversal in the game. It's not completely horrible...
  11. Nah with elphelts 2s you don't really have to.
  12. Daiji is still awesome, but he's not a mikado player so you might have missed him. Count me in the boat of 1.1 ram looks cooler too!
  13. I mean, we are using weak a bit differently here I think. I played a ton against kbnova, anji and Zappa weren't "weak", they just like, had spots they had to work too hard. They were big threats. When I think weak I don't just think low on a tier list (and even then, anji and Zappa being low tiers were like mid tiers of other games). The middle low tiers of ggxx through slash were fairly compressed. It was usually just the top 5 or so that rocketed away from everyone else, rather than a bottom 3 that was miles below.
  14. I can't barely think of a pre-AC gg where a character was weak. Maybe like 3 or 4 total, I can think of way too many that were too strong.
  15. I just watched the recent mikado and loosely paid attention to corner techs when the opponent is on you, somewhere around 60% forwards 40% backwards. When both players are in the corner, backwards techs are incredibly easy to punish as well. If they read any direction tech except maybe late neutral, gg.
  16. I lived in Tokyo for a year and a half... A few over those Japanese knew their way around the old air throw. Hey if for some reason people can't throw your back tech in the corner , but can throw your forwards tech, go for it! Rock out whatever works. I have played plenty of very good players and find my Nash equilibrium tends towards more forwards techs in the corner than back.
  17. Nothing stops you from teching into an FD. Hey, if you guys get better results from backwards tech than forwards, go for it. I've made my points and will leave it at that.
  18. Well, I assumed it was obviously that no tech direction was safe except possibly the last moment neutral tech, but I was arguing in the corner, it's generally safer to pop forwards then it is backwards. There are caveats, like if you are in the corner and the opponent is not near, but generally speaking you want to be teching forwards to escape with air options intact at most heights rather than backwards. Time until landing is roughly the same, invul is the same, and it's just as easy to chase a back tech if your opponent relies on that more often. But, like an option in any fighting game, varying your responses is necessary...
  19. Forward tech is generally superior in the corner!
  20. Street fighter actually sold well on consoles though.
  21. That's actually not exactly how it works. See, they could still BS the same as in 1.0 and nothing got better. The fact that they can now BS super easy moves the Nash equilibrium towards ky having to bait more often, which is bad for him. It's like saying sol having a great do makes baiting him stronger. Yes it does! But overall it's still better to have the dp.
  22. Ky has by far the most telegraphed to reversal blitz pressure that I can think of. Watching 1.1 I see more of his 6h blitzed on wakeup than anything else. It's not the end of the world for ky, ky players are already switching around their wakeup. I don't know if I like 3f reversal window for 6h though anyways.
  23. Yeah the buff to reversal blitz is actually a huge deal for ky. Maybe more than any other char.
  24. Ky can only easy mode you up to like, middle high. After that I think he hits a wall where you better know your neutral very well. That being said, I would never line millia up with the easy characters... I mean, her oki is easy, but her neutral is actually pretty difficult!