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  1. On 8/11/2016 at 8:32 AM, BladeOfJustice7 said:

    @Destin I'm guessing her Slash version was her worst, and GGX being her best or one of her best iterations due to faultless dash cancels.

    Her slash was her worst because it's her only previous version (IIRC) where her fish dissipated when she was hit.  This made it fairly difficult to use fish the way we were used to, but I played a ton of Slash dizzy and really got to appreciate the extra caution required (even though slash dizzy was very weak). 

    Yeah X dizzy was strong, but I mean dropping the hammer x1000 isn't really a feature of the character.



  2. On August 6, 2016 at 10:17 PM, MX_Engellier said:

    The thing here is, that her strongest Oki tools are way too f***ing unreliable, take her K Fish as an example, you need to have "the feel" of how fast every character wakes up in both face down/up position in order to delay precisely her Fish so that it becomes a meaty, you don't need that kind of knowledge for Millia where you can just knockdown > HS Tandem Top > Mixup. And even if you somehow screw up the Tandem Top you can just 2K/2S to avoid a backdash/jump and go for a mixup anyways.

    That's why you see most of the Dizzy players (Myself included) just going for 2D > H Fish since it's more of a safer choice, and, while H Fish may be an easiest Oki compared to the P/K version (Except on certain characters like... Ky/Johnny I think where even H drake whiffs), it lacks of mixup options, and yeah, you can just summon P/K Fish > Meaty 2K > Blockstring, but come on, any of you guys that have played her enough time to get a general idea of how she works will agree with me when I say that doing that isn't worth because of the mixup options compared to a proper K Fish meaty/H Fish.

    And, I'm just throwing this one out, but I actually don't think she's more technical compared to before, she just needs REALLY bad some QOL changes, mainly, make it so that her P/K Fish are less of a pain in the a** to use as an Oki tool, if they do this single little change, even if they don't change her awful buttons (fS trading against certain 5P? The f***?) it'd be okay, since you'd still have to work you a** off to score a KD, but now you could ACTUALLY focus on pulling off the crazy difficult setups instead of going "Oh crap, let's see if the Fish doesn't whiff".

    That sounds more like a personal execution problem.  Generally speaking (offline of course), I run my okizeme with little fear of things whiffing or not being meaty, and H fish has great options out of it you crazy.

    Either way, the fish bite is active for like 3f, that's plenty of buffer to land it meaty if that's the oki you want to use.  

    Her oki right now is way more technical than it was in #R or Slash (which is what we are comparing this too).  You have many things to consider based on positioning, opponent, meter, and face-up face-down.  She has a ton of character specific combos and setups, and many characters have more specific ways around that need to be accounted for.  My okizeme routes though have ballooned up, thanks to yrc, and the threat of yrc I have directions to reset or reed tallish a mixup on almost every piece of my pressure.  She may simplify down as optimal things are discovered, but as of now she is totally more technical.

    @blade: She used to require 25% meter for combos... And that was pretty much it lol.  Now she takes 50% for decent combos, and 25% for safe summons, which is pretty important to the flow of her games.  If you didn't use projectile yrc, she would be worse than Slash dizzy at the current state.

  3. The current dizzy's are doing a bunch of things wrong at the moment, everyone is sorta a patchwork of ideas and they haven't congealed them.  Inefficient combos, a bunch of questionable okizeme choices, even tech they made is not being implemented yet, even though it is the better option.  Many of her strong corner options involve a non bufferable 1f input (and two bufferable 1f inputs), so I don't expect you to see non training mode monsters pulling those out yet.


    Dizzy is more technical than ever, and really has to work harder for her wins than before.  This is a good thing.  She is meter dependent for the first time... ever?  This is also a good thing!  The changes team RED did were worth the wait.

  4. 1 minute ago, solidscheme said:

    You care to fully elaborate on that? You know instead of giving out a blanket statement? I'll be waiting.

    Giving venom and extremely safe, YRC'able escape option that can also pull him out of the corner and give him air options would be possibly the best escape option in the game.  Venom is a character that is fairly hard to approach, with one of if not the best projectile games, strong pokes, and solid anti airs.  His negative is that once pinned down, he is forced to deal with the mixup options the opponents have.  Giving venom such a slippery teleport would make him nearly impossible to have a handle on, and would make his matchup extremely unfun to play for many characters.  Can you imagine poor pote?  Jesus, that would be disheartening.

  5. 16 hours ago, Epic said:

    What I meant by that is that they go from one extreme to the other, overnerfing characters instead of fixing them. Robo Ky from R to /, Eddie from R to /, Ram etc. They pretty much went from overpowered to unplayable.

    I'll give you Elphelt because that is a good example how to do it right, but to me that's just an exception.

    Eddie in / was lower mid tier.  That's far from unplayable.  I was playing dizzy in slash who was worse and she didn't feel unplayable either.  I don't think ram is unplayable either in this, I've seen plenty of Japanese do work with her.  Yeah they missed the mark a bit, but they didn't go too far from where they needed to be tbh, it's not bad balancing.


    robo was horrible in slash though, I agree.

  6. 2 hours ago, Epic said:

    Arc doesn't really have a good track record of 'fixing' top tier characters.


    Hmmm? XX - #R top tiers took some significant nerfs, then #R to Slash none of the top tiers were teh same.  AC had completely different mechanics, then from what I understand AC+R fixed a lot of AC's problems.


    They also IMO did a great job on taking elphelt from stupid unbeatable to a very strong character in the 1.04 patch, and revelator indirectly nerfed many of the top tiers with the new blitz shield.  Don't worry, they will fix johnny soon enough, and I doubt many americans are really utilizing everything he has yet.


  7. 4 hours ago, Naotomato said:

    Typo sorry.

    Honestly it doesn't feel like I'm getting better. I'll keep trying but I had the same issue in Xrd (and I was playing that for months with no improvement.) I couldn't finish one character's combo set, even Sol or Ky.

    Stick to one character, I would suggest sin or Faust if you have trouble with execution. I'm 30 and my execution is better than ever.

  8. 2 hours ago, redsilversnake said:


    The talk about Dizzy is right after the Haehyun portrait.

    The relevant quote is him saying that they're still trying to balance her old appeal with her new adjustments, specifically using the word 最中, which would indicate that they're still doing a lot of work on her (in fact, translating it directly could probably be better described as them being almost past the halfway point of her development).

    Thanks, and poop! Well there goes Evo!


    Im a bit afraid of the changes tbh, but I trust team red over mori so I'm hoping.  Please please keep old far S!.

  9. On November 27, 2015 at 16:56:53, Poultrygeist said:

    Sounds like you want king dad then.  He got better pressure with Split Ceil and he can definitely play lame if he has to.

    I could also see may here.

    outside of elph because she is god tier, but none of those guys have movement really. See, you can play lame with sol, just playing lame is different then marvel. It's a really slow cautious play style