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  1. If you have a good computer I honestly think its pretty good. I have a i7 3.0GHz computer and it runs great. Online experiences so far have been really good for me, as long as I'm playing people with low ping (sub 50-ms).
  2. I manged to get many matches of AC in with my buddy. We are both in NorCal and the ping was about 25ms. The latency was pretty much non-existent. I'm stoked to finally see Kaillera implemented into a Naomi emulator. One thing that I found helps with the desync problem is create an NVRAM save with the game set to Free Play. You do this by going into the test menu and then the credit sub-menu. Then just close Demul and send the NVRAM file for the game to the person you are going to play against.
  3. Yeah, I play the Black and Red Litchi at SVGL. Nice to see another Nu (No, I'm lying, I hate fighting Nus), hahaha. Good games.

  4. Hey you're one of the Litchi players at SVGL right? What's up this is Paul I'm the hella scrubby nu player that just started comin.

  5. bitkid

    [CT] Jin Combos and Glitches

    Hey anyone else notice u can hit confirm Jins 632146, D super off of 6B, 2A? It's pretty tough...not sure its really viable...noticed that you could link 2A off 6B because the recovery is so slow, and it appears you can cancel that into super. Is this legit or am I crazy?
  6. Hey Jared, Saw u last night at SVGL. Ur Arakune is so good man. Hopefully u can teach me more about the game when I get moved over that way. -Paul

  7. bitkid

    [CT] ν-13 General Discussion Thread

    So from day 1 of BB console release I have been playing nu and I find myself dying a lot in online and offline battles. I have the basic combos down and I can hit confirm into them fairly well, but I don't really know how to effectively keep a good zoning game going. Its obvious to me that my zoning has massive gaps in it and once the opponent finds them they just trounce me. Is there a general basic zoning strategy I can start out with and build from there? Should I be moving around constantly or holding my ground and just spamming more swords?