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  1. Damn man! Of course! It's so obvious & clear to me now! Thanks man!, your the best! Better start killing some unicorns then! Now where's my katana.....HOLY SHIT! THAT'S A HUGE SQUIRREL! * Slice* Oh, wait that's not just a squirrel - it's just Makoto......oh well..........ah.....there's Makoto blood all over my nice gleaming katana now!, dammit now I have to clean it off before I start hunting unicorns, if I hunt them like this then it'll mix with the unicorns blood & be in-pure.....where the hell would I find pixie dust to? Oh yeah, that crazy guy with the funny eye behind walmart said he'd give me some if I gave him my kidney, oh well - all worth it to gain Shadow Draygon's talent.