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  1. P4A AoA Chie was hype as shit.
  2. worldjem7

    [CP](Pre-Release) ν-13 Gameplay Discussion

    Is it just me or are most Nu players really bad? I rarely see them zone/run away properly because they rarely use jump-cancel 5D or any of the dash parsers. They play Nu like she's Lambda from CSE, and when she's in Dia form it's like "how do I play this character?"
  3. Hey Jem, I saw your post about the SG tourney you wanted to organize. Just curious, where would it be and maybe when?

  4. Team What is this "beer" you speak of? Or how about Team Supertasters. It's a thing.
  5. worldjem7

    [CSE] Lambda General Discussion

    A B [C] D Every time.
  6. worldjem7

    [CSE] Lambda General Discussion

    Act Parser Zwei/:Blade/:Cavalier, Sickle Storm, Spike Chaser, Crescent Sabre, Legacy Edge, Calamity Sword, Sword of Destruction.
  7. worldjem7

    [CSE] Lambda General Discussion

    5D CH > 236C?
  8. worldjem7

    [CSE] Lambda General Discussion

    Blade Wings?
  9. worldjem7

    BBCS Extend Tier List Thread

    I believe that Litchi's Reward and/or Offensive ranks should be higher based on the following reasoning. Although her damage may be average at around 2-3k midscreen at most, the okizeme she gets from it is very strong. She most definitely does not need situational hits in order to do at least a good corner carry into okizeme where she is strongest and almost always is able to build heat for a distortion for okizeme. The fact that her 13 Orphans and Daisharin both cover her sprite and are uninterruptable also help with her mixups as you physically can't see what the character is doing half the time and it's suicide to try any type of DP move even if you manage to touch her.
  10. Why do the rates go higher when I set it to more than 1 adult even though they're the same rooms?
  11. 20-25$ per person? Damn it, link didn't work. I saw rooms for about 4-5 people for about 100$ for staying from the 13th to the 15th.
  12. I don't like alcohol. It all tastes the same to me. Very very bitter. Coolers I guess I might be able to drink them, but what's the point if all I'm drinking it for is the fruit taste instead of the alcohol taste?