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  1. For right now bri can't come.

  2. Taco

    South Carolina?

    hmm for some reason that vid makes want to pick up Kyo
  3. Taco

    South Carolina?

    lol all are crazy
  4. Taco

    South Carolina?

    lol wow. I will say even though i don't play the game. Bob is very strong and can punish anything
  5. Taco

    South Carolina?

    lol wish i had a copy lol.
  6. Lol u know me. I stay from corner to corner, runing that block lol.

  7. Thats some strong hate coming from 2 of my good match-ups. Apparently you like that left corner.

  8. Negro plz. This African Paladin and And African orbital frame is gonna whoop that tail. That doctor is nothing but an arbitrary character to a great game. She is FREE, and will be DEMOLISHED!!!!!

  9. You should play me in *that game* so this asian doctor can go all S tier on that ass.

  10. nice keyon. Im going to be playing corey in *that game* and guilty.

  11. Yo Taco we got *that game* working. My character so top tier its crazy.

  12. Taco

    South Carolina?

    Im still mad about my copy going a wall. Im going to try and buy the legit copy from gamestop since its only 20
  13. Awwww I heard what happend with you and Bree^^. Im so happy for you guys. I always liked Bree so I hope it works out. Also tell her I said hey.