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  1. I'm visitor 666? That can't be good...

  2. you better get a new account when you post 2,011.

  3. 6th hero = Relius. Mystery solved. That'll be $600
  4. The world's gonna end when my post count reaches 2,012

  5. I'm thinking something like they think he's dead but he comes back as MANLY as ever and the Kaka are all like :D and while looking for Litchi he bumps into Kokonoe and she's all "Daaaaayuuummm! I want me some of that!" and she goes WTF on Litchi for obsessing over a hopeless blob instead of "that perfect male specimen." Bang reminds Litchi that she promised to have a drink with him and she's just :blue: but later she finds out he's the one that saved Ikaruga and then hot sex.
  6. Quomple

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    He has to start calling you nee-san too.
  7. My first paycheck next month. Blowing it all on video games. LIKE A BOSS!

  8. Why thank you. Do you have the game yet? Like a Boss

  9. I know how it feels man. I've posted my share of images here. Every time I get an email from Dustloop I think it's another one of Gwyrgyn's fun messages. I sometimes forget to look at the sign at the entrance of Dustloop. no+fun.jpeg

  10. lol,i didnt notice you changed your signiture. that song was hillarious!

  11. Sorry college hasn't given me a lot of free time and I also don't have Blazblue yet. All I've got is SCIV and SFIV :( And lol I like your new avatar :D

  12. Check your PS3 messages once in awhile will ya

  13. I think the Dumb Song was the first one I heard. I love the randomness of Psychostick's songs lol. The thread I posted We Ran Out of CD Space was called What if Ragna had Fire Powers? which lived for about 20 minutes before it was superlocked. I mean damn, they locked that thread like nobody's business.