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  1. I'm visitor 666? That can't be good...

  2. The world's gonna end when my post count reaches 2,012

  3. My first paycheck next month. Blowing it all on video games. LIKE A BOSS!

  4. I know how it feels man. I've posted my share of images here. Every time I get an email from Dustloop I think it's another one of Gwyrgyn's fun messages. I sometimes forget to look at the sign at the entrance of Dustloop. no+fun.jpeg

  5. Sorry college hasn't given me a lot of free time and I also don't have Blazblue yet. All I've got is SCIV and SFIV :( And lol I like your new avatar :D

  6. I think the Dumb Song was the first one I heard. I love the randomness of Psychostick's songs lol. The thread I posted We Ran Out of CD Space was called What if Ragna had Fire Powers? which lived for about 20 minutes before it was superlocked. I mean damn, they locked that thread like nobody's business.

  7. nice art. terumi definitely doesn't get enough attention.

  8. :TG: We mash and mash and mash and mash and have fun fun fun fun fun The wonderful thing about Tagers is that I'm the only one!
  9. I might do that. Being a demon member sounds like fun.

  10. My posts or someone else's? I'm too lazy to do either one.

  11. Yeah it's a shame they closed that thread. It could've been an awesome what if joke thread.

  12. Why thank you for the add kind sir. However, now there is no turning back.

  13. CARNAGE...ZAZZERS! ...wtf?

  14. Your avatar happens to be my desktop image for my laptop. :D

  15. The original prize was to give ME money so I could buy blazblue but I decided to go with something a little more sinister >:D (visitor #666 after all) I also gave a curse to Arakune and he seems to be enjoying it a bit too much :I:

  16. You get a friend request! ringimage6.jpg You also get 7 days... :D It'll be fun being your friend for a week :v:

  17. The 666th visitor will get a special surprise

  18. Thank you for the add good sir :)

  19. Did you get stung by a bee?

  20. Perhaps but internets sounds funnier than internet service plus the character limit in signatures wouldn't let me change it to that. "ARROWHEAD the only water company capable of destroying water itself." I would drink their water and ONLY their water if that was their slogan LOL.

  21. You sir have given me a very nice compliment. Thank you :)

  22. Hey, thanks for the Teach Me videos. I loved them!

  23. Thanks for the add :D