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  1. drassill

    [P4A] Video Posting Thread

    don't forget the youtube channel of HardEdgeOfficial who broadcast all of the tournament and freeplay of LeisureLand arcade game center :D http://www.youtube.com/user/HardEdgeOfficial?feature=g-all-u
  2. drassill

    [VS] Video Thread

    Ow men, it's very cool Big thanks for a big game
  3. I'll do my best for coming at the event this year :D And thx for vids :D
  4. drassill

    AC A.B.A. 101: RTSD with a 500lb. Key guide

    I thinks this combo don't work on Sol, but the combo work on Ky!
  5. Thanks for the upload! "le pif du dragon est avec toi"
  6. drassill

    Accent Core: ABA Discussion

    All questions are not stupid. All questions are good! So the NAOMI version is the Guilty gear accent Core Jap version. Not AC+. The NAOMI version comport many bugs like the first console version (AC simply). Accent core + is console specific version without bugs! It doesn't exist in arcade! So for the first herpderp (^.^) > if you don't see the counter hit banner, see if the character make a ground slide :D That's the counter :D For the number 2 > Many players make the Orb combo with the "9" direction (jump forward) but 669 is the key. Make a 669 when you landing and the combo works :D
  7. drassill

    AC A.B.A. 101: RTSD with a 500lb. Key guide

    why 1hit? He talk about 5h's normal mode :D
  8. drassill

    AC A.B.A. 101: RTSD with a 500lb. Key guide

    Just a pin point technic: After 63214S FRC in the corner make a kreygrab directly 'cause for many character, 5H don't hit them!
  9. drassill

    Accent Core: ABA Discussion

    yes! If you are in grab distance> keygrab grab like a grab (:woot:) If you dont, Keygrab was blocked! So is ABA don't knock down his opponent, the keygrab don't grab... Honestly i don't understand your post :D
  10. What's the title of this anime please? I don't know it.
  11. drassill

    Accent Core: ABA Discussion

    So Beautiful combo video. THX Moroha Do you have this one in better quality?
  12. drassill

    A.B.A AC Combo Thread

    The opponent tech caus' your combo is probably => 2HS > 669 > J.S > J.HS > Orb The real combo is => 2HS > 669 (or wait a few frames/ when the opponent begin his fall > 9) > J.S > J.HS > J.D > ORB (the excecution is very short)! After it => LAND > 669 > J.S > J.HS (or J.D with Sol and Ky) => Orb >or keygrab You don't make an IAD caus' after J.S > J.hs > ORB you follow by that : Land > Dash > S > 2S > Butt (421Hs) or with heavy characters: Land > dash > S > 2S > HJ.K > J.S > J.HS > J.D > keygrab :^p
  13. drassill

    A.B.A AC Combo Thread

    With keygrab after a 6P CH: Jump or HJ > P > S > P > S > Keygrab Or the opponent fall and keygrab :p
  14. in tha => http://guilty.xxxxxxxx.jp/ggxxac/index.htm