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  1. We'll have to figure out a time next week for me to pick up all your shit to bring down.
  2. I believe we'll be showing up all on Friday. Some of us are taking the bus though so I'm not sure what time exactly we'll all be there.
  3. Considering how we have the entire day I see no reason why we can't run teams for P4.
  4. magus704

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    There is a God.
  5. I only created that drink because I like Jagger and Purple Drink and thought the two together would be amazing... It turns out I was right. Other than that I usually just shoot it straight.
  6. You need to try my drink sir. Jagger and purple drank. This shit's godlike.
  7. I don't understand young people these days...
  8. Even better drinking game. Everytime someone loses a life in Gundam, that guy has to take a shot.
  9. The one-man HnK community back from the dead.
  10. I usually play Gun-EZ because I like the 1000 units and like how that suit can put up a shield on my teammate. I also like playing the Dragon Gundam because the dragon head limb projectile thing is stupid cheap in its ability to always cause hard knockdown when it hits.
  11. I'm down to team up. I usually play support.