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  1. I'll definitely be in attendance.
  2. Agreed, so far I'm liking the changes. I just wanna see what happens when they finally finish the loketests...especially since all of this definitely isn't final by any means.
  3. D1__

    New York City Thread #1582048

    New balance tweaks and Valkenhayn got me hype as hell.
  4. I wanna attend this super bad, but I have a tourney that I might attend on the same date outside of NYC...I'll see what happens though. Btw I can't team w/ Andre anymore cuz he's goin to Arkansas for a BB tourney...so thats that.
  5. Oh sorry for the late reply, but no that wouldn't be me lol.

  6. D1__

    New York City Thread #1582048

    I wish I was able to attend GC5, how's the scene looking? Are people less whiney and learning how to fight top tiers now?
  7. Are you the Kirbster from Smashboards?

  8. D1__

    I didn't play in a while. I should get back to it soon.

  9. SIne

    Do you still play battle fantasia, I'm up for some matches on PSN if you do...

  10. D1__

    New York City Thread #1582048

    CF was hot and crazy yesterday good sh** to all. FvCk Ragna and Litchi XDD <3
  11. D1__

    New York City / Chinatown Fair

    Yo Andy when you hittin up CF? I wanna go sometime!
  12. D1__

    New York City / Chinatown Fair

    Word, so far how does everyone like the game?
  13. D1-Nyc BB, SF4 (if its PS3), and thats about it.
  14. D1__

    New York City / Chinatown Fair

    Damn mad hatred in this thread... *dips*
  15. D1__

    New York City / Chinatown Fair

    Is the BB tourney scene in NYC dying?