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  1. Lol, awesome avatar with WRRRYYYYY assist xD

  2. DarkWarrior

    #R How to do the Dustloop?

    SEE ABOVE. Far above. Like...the banner above. ibtl
  3. DarkWarrior

    Use for Fake GF

    In my matches thus far, I have yet to find a good use for the Fake Gunflame (214P) in any matches, be them live players or CPUs. And I was wondering if it even has any use in Sol's gameplan, or any of his matchups.
  4. DarkWarrior

    Final Fantasy Dissidia

    BT3 is absolutely terrible...well, all of the BT games are. Budokai 3, and Shin Budokai 2 are where it's at.
  5. DarkWarrior

    So how far have you ever gotten in Survival Mode?

    I fail'd at gold Faust. I already have a hard time fighting Faust as it is, and LOLMETEOR didn't really help. Although fighting with Sol was ezmode as soon as I got Fire Magic Upgrade(or w/e it was called) and just started boosting my attack/defense after that.
  6. DarkWarrior

    Post your GGXXNET character edits!

    Pimpin' Slayer. My main Slayer. My second(and current) Sol. My May...although I'm considering making her legs red. Opinions? My Dizzy. The colors seem to fit her the most for some reason. And Ky. Notice a trend here? =D A special one I used to play against Nerzal on Christmas. Hat not included.
  7. DarkWarrior

    Final Fantasy Dissidia

    I believe you get more XP if you beat a higher leveled opponent, but I'm not sure. Based on the RPG aspect of the game though, it's a safe assumption.
  8. DarkWarrior

    Final Fantasy Dissidia

    To clarify, since I've been playing(a little) MP: You gain XP from fights in story mode fights, VS CPU, and VS Ad-Hoc. You get the XP on whatever character you used at the time. Even if you lose, you'll still get some XP. If you win, you get more XP, as well as Gil, and 'BP'. Gil is used to buy equipment items, and BP is used to buy all the neat little extras in the game, such as extra characters, new attacks and such, as well as more aesthetic things like display pictures and what-not. Higher level means all your stats get raised, akin to a typical RPG, as well you start out with more brave points. In VS Ad-Hoc, the higher leveled opponent can handicap themselves if they wish, but this is optional. In VS CPU, you can make the CPU up to your level, as well as assign different difficulties. You don't lose your equipment if you handicap yourself though, so you'll still have a slight advantage over your opponent if you have up-to-date equipment on. Which I don't bother with unless I'm in story mode.
  9. DarkWarrior

    [#R] Official #R PC Online Play Thread

    150 players? Whenever I load up the delay4 lobby, there's rarely more than 60 people in there. 70% of them have 'no response', and the rest are all too high-pinged. If I'm lucky, I'll get a couple players that I can play with, after which they'll kick my ass and go play with more skilled players after a round or two.
  10. DarkWarrior

    Final Fantasy Dissidia

    Actually, it's not just a mashfest. You can equip different attacks after you buy them, example: Holding the little joystick knob to the right while hitting square will give you a nice meteor shower if you're Cloud, while you can bind other attacks to 'neutral' and 'hold left'. Aerial attacks go by up and down, and repeat the process for circle. You can equip abilities that let you lock onto those EX things, you can equip dashes, and weapons/armor, kinda like a real FF game. And wtf is this shit about having to equip double jump? I never had to.
  11. DarkWarrior

    Final Fantasy Dissidia

    Can't decide...could either be Cloud or Ultemicia. Cloud for his fast, high priority, and high-powered slash moves, and Ultimecia for her rapid fire spikes of imminent rape.
  12. DarkWarrior

    General Audio/Video Help & Request Thread

    Music request, rather than a match request... Anyone have an mp3 of 'Holy Orders?', Robo's EX theme? In every soundtrack I've found thus far, that single song is missing.
  13. DarkWarrior

    Final Fantasy Dissidia

    Sweet. I personally liked the re-dos of FF6/8's battle themes, and the remix of FF7's boss theme.(not One Winged Angel, Those who Fight Further)
  14. DarkWarrior

    Sol vs I-No

    I'm finding a hell of a problem breaking out of her pressure once a good I-no player has me cornered. I'm not too sure if it's my reflexes or that I just don't know anything about I-no, but the guardstun doesn't really let me get anything in on her, plus on occasion fuzzy guard sets in and I get boned regardless. Anything I can kinda 'throw out' to get out of a pressure string?
  15. DarkWarrior

    [#R] Official #R PC Online Play Thread

    The patch file on the website is missing all the EXE files, thusly doesn't work.(a problem I discovered while walking my bud through installing it) So I reuploaded 1.20-3 for my buds to DL, and I may as well post it here too. http://files.filefront.com/GGXXNETv120+3rar/;12742974;/fileinfo.html