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  1. seungpyohong

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    You people need to show up more at ffa. Im getting sick and tired playing against cpu
  2. Oh my. Alright. Let me know when you come again!

  3. Oh man, just saw that you messaged me. I was just in LA. I will let you know next time I come down. -Tha Hindu

  4. tushar are you still coming down to ffa sometime?

  5. Hey, seunpyo, how you been? Hopefully you still come on here. -Tha Hindu

  6. I'm around. Usually working or sleeping. If you want, I'll send you my # so that you can txt/call me when/if you go to FFA for some GG action.

  7. GGs on Saturday. Let me know the next time you'll be going up there and I'll try to swing down for some more games.

  8. seungpyohong

    FFA BB & MB Bi-Weeklies - (Granada Hills, CA)

    they brought back BB, but its freaking CT ^0^
  9. ya i will someday in the future. ima nub so need lots of practice.

  10. Ask Mike's if you could go over. Train some CS over there.

  11. ya i heard that. donno mabbe soon i will try

  12. U gotta play CS tao dude. Taunt combo tooo goooood

  13. wassup ive been bust last sem. i started going to FFA to play GGAC recently.