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  1. I'll probably end up going and Brice I'm going to fuck you and all of Montreal collectively. UMAD is gonna be foreplay.
  2. Alright gotta get this out the way while I'm still conscious. Shoutouts to Stickbug: First and foremost, thank you for everything you do to help fuel this community. Your love of the games and the people are a big reason as to why we are all here. Kyle W: Love that we can always have these moments where we can chill and talk about the married life. Didn't get to play you but maybe I did when I was drunk, I don't remember that time was a blur. Blacksnake: Cool as fuck and this will be the last time I see you at tournament and we don't play seriously in GG or BlazGreen. Digital Watches: Really enjoyed chilling with you most of the weekend, your Axl was really impressive and had a great time playing you. Wish we chilled more but the storm made quick work of that. Hopefully we'll be able to come to Montreal Airdashers, we will make serious efforts to get there. Shinsyn: Definitely playing strong man, wish we chilled more though. Kenji: It was an absolute joy playing you, you are seriously a strong take on Anji (you actually block LOL) and your Zappa is no fucking joke. Really upset I couldn't play more. Huey253 aka Color 4: Great time commentating with you, and teaching me more about Blazblue. I'll try it when I have the time but we'll see how that goes. Glad you play GG, you're a real man. Kurumster: Nice to finally play you, and hilariously enough every single time, you came around Alzarath would come walking by after you would ask for him. Shoutouts to Big E for everything even finding my phone for me. Shoutouts to KI being the UGLIEST fighting game in existence. Shoutouts to Guilty Gear being the best community of people ever. Shoutouts to my NY niggas, always and forever. Thank you to everyone that came from out of state and out of the region, you are the guys that made this tournament great, seriously. Last but not least, Dear Jais, I love you, I....I... can't hold it back anymore. I'm leaving Zidane for you, I'm coming to Washington to ask for your hand. You sir, are one of the coolest niggas I ever met, I hope to see you soon. Your bridget play is inspirational to say the least, I will be tuning in to the streams now to see you guys play. Thank you for everything, next time I see you drinks on me.
  3. HAHAHAHA!!! Doren, you are going to make me so much money with sidebetting your lose. Your gonna pay for my room, thanks.
  4. All in for Team Matches, NY is all in for taking people's money.
  5. MM anyone? Faulty Defense, I'm calling you out specifically. Any Format ok.
  6. NEC was da gawd, and all thanks to the dedication and strength of Stickbug and Daiandoh. Shoutouts to TEXAS: Faulty Defense: It was great seeing you again and it was really nice to get casuals with you man. Venom is like my worst matchup but was more than hype to work it out. Robot: Your a really cool guy and it was really unfortunate that I only got to talk with you at the end of the tourney. I really wished we could have had casuals but.....yeah next time. I would love to play the self proclaimed Best Sol in America, that would have been nice to fight. Florida: Senkei: Thanks for sharing the ugliest match I have ever played on stream ever. Congratulations to you but I would have really liked to play you more besides that one match honestly. Qwerty: Your waayyyyyy better than I thought you would be honestly. Your the best Johnny player I have ever faced honestly, and that MM was crazy. It was also part of the reason I decided to switch to stick now for GG, too many issues with pad with this re-release. Wish we could have played more and chilled more honestly. West Coast: Shtkn: Nice seeing you after so long but unfortunately not for long enough. Spirit Jake: Finally got to meet you, you're almost a bigger troll than we are in the East Coast. We should got some casuals in something so I could body you and make fun of you later but.....sadly to no avail. Hope you come back for another tourney, hopefully not too long from now. Amadeous: Thanks so much for letting me borrow your pad for so long. Your a fucking trooper for that, and I do wish we got to play more. Also you obviously have my pad now so have fun. Vyers: Fun playing you as always. Nazgul: I want my MM, we will settle this next time. Sir Circuitous: Your fucking hilarious. Kaeru: Your so pleasant it only fits you to be called canadian Jesus. If I forgot you sorry, but I kinda rushed for sleep. Thank you guys for the experience and hope I see you guys again.
  7. GG, KOF, P4A *Clears throat* Money Matches? That will be all.
  8. A3Religion

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Did you see anything different from what other people posted? Also did you see the up coin knockdown and were phones and cameras not allowed that not a single soul has a single video in this digital age? FUCK ME I WANT TO SEE THIS GAME IN ACTION SO BAD, I'M GETTING AN ULCER.
  9. A3Religion

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    Thank you sir for the info, you are a scholar and a gentleman. The up coin would have been too OP if you can combo after throw. I would love to see the knockdown on the up coin in action.
  10. A3Religion

    [AC+R] News & Gameplay Discussion

    If Johnny keeps those changes its a wrap for most people souls. I will play General to the new Johnny army that is to arise. The land of Sfondi will take all into its dominion. MWUHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Or they take away one of his important changes and I'm assed out again that is always a possibility. Would like to know though what changed they made to Divine Blade though. Quite excited about that, hopefully Elven Shadow can clarify.
  11. A3Religion

    Team DAI Emerges! 3/31 [[Long Island, NY tournament]]

    Biscuits if you go then I'll go too. Call me.
  12. happy bday... when you get this :v: