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  1. [TRM]tenkai-45i[xTF]

    AC: Combo Guide

    Made a quick video on some Johnny corner combos vs Venom. His weird hitbox makes a lot of normal combo routes miss, but certain, specific combos only work on him. I think these are all very practical https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAXh-H98gxQ
  2. I'm coming, and I'll be getting a couple others to come as well. Not sure when I'll be there, but maybe around 5pm.
  3. Not to discourage anyone from going to Gamecenter on Sunday, but I think a lot of us will be on cooldown after this Saturday. We'll be there all day, so if you wanted to somehow swing by at night and squeeze some matches in, you're more than welcome to.
  4. I can bring a PS3 with JP +R.
  5. [TRM]tenkai-45i[xTF]

    [P4A/P4AU] PSN Match Finder/GG Thread

  6. [TRM]tenkai-45i[xTF]

    NORCAL INSTALL! [Main Information and Ranbat Update Thread]

    I started an entire Facebook thread for discussing a new form of scheduling for the 2-day tournament. You were even talking in it. I and a few others reposted and requoted in this very thread about problems people had with your scheduling format. Don't tell me that you just happened to not see any of it.
  7. [TRM]tenkai-45i[xTF]

    [FB] General Discussion Thread

    Shining Aquas: This. This. This. Also, America's level is honestly not at the level where we need to worry about our suits being too weak for competitive play. Every person in this community has very fundamental things that they need to work on, so until we refine that, then we can worry more about tier lists.
  8. [TRM]tenkai-45i[xTF]

    NORCAL INSTALL! [Main Information and Ranbat Update Thread]

    http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?10419-NORCAL-INSTALL!-Main-Information-and-Ranbat-Update-Thread&p=1234520&viewfull=1#post1234520 I'll just leave this here.
  9. [TRM]tenkai-45i[xTF]

    NORCAL INSTALL! [Main Information and Ranbat Update Thread]

    So... what's wrong with the split-games-into-two-groups-and-start-plus-finish-each-group-on-separate-days format again?
  10. [TRM]tenkai-45i[xTF]

    NORCAL INSTALL! [Main Information and Ranbat Update Thread]

    He probably means SFO since it's closer.
  11. [TRM]tenkai-45i[xTF]

    NORCAL INSTALL! [Main Information and Ranbat Update Thread]

    Okay, let me clear things up for everybody: the problem is not about whether Super NCI should be a one or two-day event. We have resolved that very quickly already. The issue is whether we should have brackets on Saturday and finals on Sunday. I am suggesting we split the game up into two groups and then run all of one group on Saturday and all of the other one on Sunday. It seems more flexible for people who are traveling from faraway and for those who have less flexible schedules. There has been more discussion on the Facebook thread: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=306592476070391&id=126007430795564
  12. [TRM]tenkai-45i[xTF]

    NORCAL INSTALL! [Main Information and Ranbat Update Thread]

    Regarding SNCI, I think the current format of having brackets on Saturday and finals on Sunday is not a very good idea. Perhaps it'd be better if we just split the games into two groups and have one group started and finished on Saturday while the other one is finished on Sunday. This will make it easier for people who have harder commutes (especially people who don't live in NorCal) or less-flexible schedules. In addition, the $12/2days and $7/1day is also quite strange if you consider that, with the current format, everybody who gets into finals on Saturday would have to pay extra on Sunday if it's only to play their finals matches. I think the fee policy can stay if we change the Saturday/Sunday scheduling around. If we split the games into completely different days, people can finish up their games on one day, and if they really wanted to hang out and play casuals or something, they can decide to pay the extra instead of being forced to.
  13. [TRM]tenkai-45i[xTF]

    [FB] General Discussion Thread

    Translated Japanese EXVS fundamental techniques video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlJidOS8RIE&feature=youtu.be
  14. [TRM]tenkai-45i[xTF]

    GGS: Norcal's Guilty Gear's Weeklies (Gamecenter/STA)

    Given how we already have GG tourneys every month at NCI, I think it'll be overdoing it if we throw another tournament in there, especially on the Saturday immediately before.