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  1. I think it would be preferable to go with +R cause it's available. As much as I don't mind vanilla AC cause <3 easy mode dolphin loops. I can provide a +R setup.
  2. What games will be at SNCI?
  3. Tsubasa

    [FB] General Discussion Thread

    You shouldn't get too caught up on what tier your unit is. Because it's a 2v2 game, having a compatible partner and/or working well with him can cover a lot of bad matchups. Just play whatever unit you want.
  4. The Asian version should come with a cover and manual that has Chinese and English on/in it. Otherwise, they should be identical.
  5. People should buy Wiis to play Muramasa. That game is great.
  6. Shoutouts to EXVS. Everyone should play that game. Thank you, Myung, for providing that 4P setup.
  7. Through some happenstance at work, I'm gonna have Sat off. Guess I'll be at NCI all day this time.
  8. Oh, I guess from looking over the NCI site, that does appear to be the case. Then my question is if all games are going to be featured evenly, then why are we calling MB the "featured game?" Just drop this "main/featured game" nonsense.
  9. I think NCI needs to stop with this whole idea that there should be a "main game." Personally, this MB as a main game announcement sounds like an attempt at appeasement to the non-BB mains. Instead of putting the emphasis on a game a month, what really should be done is showing a little pool play from each game. Considering how each event is an all day affair, just switching up games every hour or two is fine, right? It doesn't even have to be an even amount of coverage. Just a little pool play, like an hour or so from GG/MB/AH each, instead of 6 hours of BB is cool with me. Then top 4/8 at the end. I just want some respect and representation, not appeasement.
  10. Equipment technician. I'll maintain machines used for thin film. Wait. There's an Oct NCI? & here I thought we weren't gonna have one cause I didn't hear anything & we usually don't have a monthly after a big one. Guess I can TO one last NCI before I pass on the baton.
  11. Thanks. As for hours, yeah, they're long, but the thing is, I'll be on wage. That means I'll get OT every day for doing longer than 8hr shifts.
  12. So beginning in Oct, I will be beginning a new job. Thing is, I am working every Sat 5:00AM-5:00PM. What this means is that I will no longer be able to run MB & AH, nor will I be able to provide setups/equipment. As for the brackets, I have talked to Dakanya and Tone, who will be the new official TOs for MB and AH. They already help me each month running brackets, so I'm sure they'll be great at it. As for setups/equip, I am willing to let someone bring my stuff for NCI to use, but that means that we'd have to set up some kind of pickup before the tourney. Might or might not be worth the effort? I will definitely swing by after I get off work, so if there's anything that can wait until later in the day, I will bring my stuff on me. I personally feel a little sad that I can no longer be there to help run NCIs, as I have been with it since the first one and I've been to all but one. But sometimes life calls and I was given a very attractive job offer that I thought I couldn't refuse. I hope everyone the best of luck setting up NCIs each month and I'll swing by for casuals, to watch finals, and to play random games.
  13. I have the results for GG/MB/AH. They are as follow: GG (24 entrants): 1: Magz 2: Digital Watches 3: Honnou 4: Monkey Flash Kick (tenkai) 5: BBZ 5: ehsama 7: Katana- 7: JOS 9: PhaethonH 9: Laughing Raven (dakanya) 9: Gomi-Ino 9: SHTKN 13: Pilby The Currymancer 13: Meow Mix 13: Xie 13: Adelheid Stark 17: Tsubasa 17: The Ocelot 17: Shining Aquas 17: Chris D 17: Copper Dabbit 17: GammaGearJustice 17: Zyrixion 17: 2GB Combo MB (19 entrants): 1: The Ocelot (YAT) 2: Laughing Raven (dakanya) 3: Xie 4: Qaenyin 5: Riotblade 5: 2GB Combo 7: Digital Watches 7: Tone 9: Kentaro 9: Psycho Frog (tsubasa) 9: DJcream 9: ehsama 13: Sahgren 13: Reiki 13: Shining Aquas 13: R1CK_DOM 17: Adelheid Stark 17: Winty 17: Chris D AH (19 entrants): 1: P_A_I_N 2: XxDarkTalonxX 3: Vineeth 4: Tone 5: Shining Aquas 5: 2GBcombo 7: Xie 7: Aginor 9: Tari 9: Psycho Frog (tsubasa) 9: DSmove 9: ehsama 13: Dacidbro 13: .Copper Dabbit 13: Chris!D 13: Crossell 17: Yogi 17: Xeno 17: Donovan