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  1. individuals

    [P4A] Chie Satonaka - Gameplay Discussion

    getting the free 50 meter and damage reduction makes it a pretty attractive decision almost every time, the only downside is the fear of losing that little bit of blue health
  2. I remember that, something about you playing V.Akiha with LK or something. I play Akiha/Satsuki/Len/Miyako, I spent way too much time on AC, and now I'm looking at having to relearn most of them for MBAA with the groove system. QQ

  3. individuals

    [CT] What's a Litchi?

    sometimes.... i wish i somehow made a name for myself during CT so people don't think i just picked her up. but 1: i suck and 2: i don't care, if i win i win. HARHARHAHRAHRARRRR
  4. haha i played MBAA for a bit when it first came out, got bored of it quickly though since BBCT was still mostly on my mind.

  5. As far as how long it's been, I've been lurking a lot, and almost everyone around here completely lost interest in the game as soon as t6 came out.. they're comin back slowly, mostly for meltyblood though now that it's an evo game, gonna hafta go find a copy of that since my MBAC ain't cuttin it anymore.

  6. Still waiting on that ring and ceremony sir! :P And yeah, no one ever does. :P

  7. indeed a while. and lol@epic post. no one will prove me otherwise!

  8. http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6416 check here for tao help. this is litchis space
  9. individuals

    [CT] What's a Litchi?

    depends on the situation, but in general wheel can be reacted to nearly 100%, and even dodged. whereas AG is instant, if they are in the middle of their attack they cant do anything at all. good round ender, since many people would attempt long pokes while they are near death.
  10. individuals

    [CT] What's a Litchi?

    you can also just do this tsubame combo, works on everybody IIRC. except carl, again IIRC. tsubame>*2C>jBCD>airdash>(jB)C>6C>finish how u want. (basic one, tsubame>6C>3C) u need to do a dash before the 2C, and it might be difficult to pull it off at first, but it works just fine. the second jB may need to be omitted depending on screen position.
  11. individuals

    [CT] What's a Litchi?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MY2hYvGWEks for riichis.
  12. individuals

    [CS1] Litchi Changelog

    this will probably be the first game where i main the best character in the game. >pride speaking<
  13. individuals

    Dustloop Cosplay Thread

    i just want the umbrella. and maybe a kitty beanbag chair.
  14. individuals

    Final Fantasy Dissidia

    i want equip rule set...so i can make gab more rape @___@ once in EX modo, ALWAYS IN EX MODO!!! otherwise its the awesome OK for me.