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    I like Air combos.
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  1. Do you check this ever? If so, add me on steam and lets do some GG2 :D "xSol_Badguy"

  2. It felt so great to mash VV in molasses and have it become a more effective tactic than actually playing intelligently. I want +R already so I can practice shit I'll never use.

  3. Oh my god it's you. Just got on to see that message. Shoutouts to never actually logging in. And yeah, right? I'm just happy it's on a console that I have, and not Wii. Cripes.

  4. Good God man what are you doing? Guilty Gear has OFFICIAL SHIT ONLINE PLAY LAGCENT CORE LET'S GO

  5. Yeah, I know what that's like. I'm level 37 now. Woot

  6. I've been 35 for fuckin' ever. Doesn't help that my internet's slow shit lately though.

  7. Ding! I hit level 25 yesterday, and I played over 100 ranked matches. I'll get Level 50 soon. Watch.

  8. I’m a music performer, a dancer, a puppy fan and a fairly lovely individual from New Jersey; I love doing a lot of things but music is the first among the list; I have been a vocalist, a composer, a dancer for more than 15 years; On weekdays, I actually practice my dancing regimen for roughly 3 hours; On saturdays and sundays, I typically perform on stage. During my free time, I spend time to have fun with my dogs; I adore them so much, with their presence, I really feel comfortable and delighted; As of now, I can say that I am contented of what I have.

  9. Cry some more, capitalist babies.