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    [CP 2.0] Bullet Video Thread

    The combo here, https://youtu.be/ESHxIr9fO1I How does He land the 6A after the 41236C -> 236D ???
  2. Ah, thanks! Makes sense. What version is the current game now (I am asuming BBCPE)?
  3. Been reading this article which states: http://www.lazygamer.net/24/why-evo-2015-is-dropping-several-big-games-this-year/ "But that’s also because BlazBlue’s latest update has sent fans away in droves, hence the exclusion of that particular game from the roster." What's this about? The article is about 6 months old, but are they referring to the CPE update? and why would fans not like it?
  4. What is BB4? Is that BBCPE, the new one that just came out today? edit: for the states, looks like Europe always gets delayed releases
  5. How is the scene for BB? Is it about the same size as GGXRD right now (seems pretty small compared to when I was playing AC)? Looking to get into it, but curious as to whether the scene is growing or shrinking. thanks!
  6. RisingStars

    Anji vs. Robo-Ky

    so you can autoguard robo dash on wake up? i wanna try it, but messing up would be instant death.
  7. RisingStars

    Anji vs. Robo-Ky

    regarding the wakeup game vs robo. If he uses his wake up delay when u shitsu, you still have time to run up and do something like a meaty or a cross up right? I don't have a lot of experince in this mu, but how often would u guys use the otg to screw up his wake up game?
  8. if i slashback the first or second hit of eddie's fb spike, can i fuujin through the last hits, or (or any other similar move for that matter). Like, i input the fuujin right when i slashback the hit.
  9. RisingStars

    Anji vs. Baiken

    that walk back - walk foward throw from the video works wonders.
  10. RisingStars

    Anji vs. Baiken

    is baiken's 6k throw invincible?
  11. RisingStars

    Anji vs. Slayer

    I'm having trouble dealing with slayers pressure. Are there any tricks like fd'ing 6k to make him whiff his 2k, or ib something for a punish or to fd jump?? Slayer generally owns me. And i recall someone saying that 5hs was good for dealing with slayer dash mixups, but i was recently thrown outta it...
  12. RisingStars

    Anji vs. Jam

    While you can outpoke her, i find it dangerous. Beware of frame traps with stuff like 2s. If you're hardcore, u can autoguard her puffball fb, but fail = death.
  13. RisingStars

    Anji Mito: Random Thread

    imo - i like the idea about backwards hop soo my 2 cents 1. Give back hs rin fram eadvantage when blocked ( like in slash), but keep it's knockdown effect. 2. Give anji a FB hop that allows him to jump either fowards, backwards, up, or nowhere. 3. Get rid of FB GP, or atleast make it faster so u have more time to oki. 4. GP 5HS please.
  14. RisingStars

    Anji Mito: Questions and Answers

    Can you combo off of a k autoguard if positioned correctly?
  15. RisingStars

    Anji Mito: Questions and Answers

    awesome, and thanks for quick reply