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  1. Cool. When do you want to play?

    1. Sophisticat


      I'm probably good starting sunday evening.

      Hella rusty, though. You're going to whip me.

  2. I have my Ps3 again. Games shall be played.

  3. Heya! Did you catch my PM? Just wondering if you're still in for Ottawa. Cheers.

  4. Sophisticat

    GGXXACR changes. facts. no theory fighter plz.

    You guys already know this, but FB Pile has been a pretty big revelation for me of late -- it's where I now get his really big dmg. Seriously, if you catch them with 6P CH, you can do (corner)... 6P CH -> 6H -> FB PB -> 5H -> UT -> air combo for like 250 dmg. Dandy S FB PB CH out of corner -> BBU -> same combo as above, does like 335 on Ky. Sick! It's almost better than DoT in +R! Anyway, any good uses to FB PB I may be missing? I can't believe I've missed out on such juicy dmg before this!
  5. Oh lol, I did. But then I gave it back. ... I'll hit you up if I'm ever playing online one of these days!

  6. Did you ever get that ps3.

  7. Sophisticat

    [CP] Hakumen Q & A: New players check here first

    It can be a lot of fun. Any hit you land can potentially lead to 6k+ from anywhere. It's a crowd-pleaser.
  8. Sophisticat

    [CP] Hakumen Q & A: New players check here first

    He's certainly different, though still the Hakumen we all know and love to play. Mileage will vary, however. Compared to EX, I would say top dmg is up, though average dmg is down. Much more about burst dmg than before as opposed to an efficient use of stars to maximize dmg and corner carry. Slightly harder to lands hits due to nerfed options as well, though this is compensated by his dmg. Defence nerfed due to Hotaru and counter changes. No, he's not more flexible than EX. Offence was buffed (especially meter gain) and combo paths are more diverse, however, which may contribute to that idea. Overall, close game is nerfed, mid/neutral is buffed, and far game is buffed. Correlated to the previous, defence and options are nerfed, and offence buffed. So his buffs are mostly dmg-related and his nerfs are to his options, making him a less flexible character slightly more reliant on capitalizing on the hits he does land. Fortunately, he has OD, so capitalizing on hits shouldn't be tough, eh?
  9. Sophisticat

    Kokonoe or Brokonoe?

    I'm against banning Koko on the principle of "adapt to win" (unless seriously OP). She's not as bad as CS Litchi/Valk if you ask me. Strong, yes. But I wouldn't say broke.
  10. Sophisticat

    [CP] Hakumen Q & A: New players check here first

    Always go for Agito knockdown when possible. If you have no stars, j.C is a good option as it at least sticks them there for a short while. Hmm... actually, thinking about it, maybe it would be better to do purple throw if you have no stars to reset the situation. If they don't break, it's a knockdown. If they do, then you j.C and you're both at the same height so their options are more limited. This needs testing.
  11. So yeah... Seems like matches this weekend will be a stretch. Stuff came up, and I need to take care of it. You know the deal. We'll have matches one day, Mac! I can at least promise that!

  12. This weekend, Mac. Then we shall duel. ... Until some random element interferes and makes it so we must postpone our fated encounter. :(

  13. Did you get your ps3 yet.