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  1. I knew they had. I saw it on the front page of famitsu when I woke up and figured they talked to them again since it was dated yesterday. It was probably a throwback post. I'll delete the posts.
  2. You're right. I haven't been on here recently and simply ran across it this morning and thought I'd contribute. I should have checked there first. I just checked and it has not been posted, I'll copy/paste it there.
  3. Well, seeing that counter-blitz was not included either, it's believable. Though Danger Time is a bit larger of an omission. Those manuals are just for the tests though. Usually hanging next to the cabinet for people to get a quick reference. They're not final in any sense.
  4. Because Danger Time is gone and they need something to hate.
  5. Jack-O' Edit: Well, there's your answer..lol.
  6. I don't think the amount of active time on the Blitz Shield is extended. Just holding the button will put your character in a "charge" looking state to do a follow-up attack on successful Blitz. So it wouldn't be completely comparable to focus from Street Fighter.
  7. It says "when close the opponent". It's not a follow up.
  8. "Only Jack-O's sweep is a different action." That's the only addition beyond the normal explanation of the sweep.
  9. If you hold the H button when you blitz, your character will start a new animation. You can release it shortly thereafter to use a special follow-up attack.
  10. I never said anything about having any issue with people having a differing opinion than mine. I simply found it comical that people felt so wronged when they were presented with a design they disliked and didn't receive character X from a previous iteration (probably designed by the same person/team). This. I enjoy variety in the game. New or old characters, I'm excited to see how they're implemented.
  11. No, people who get angry about things made by large groups that don't cater to their individuals wants could be considered "salty". Those two statements were not meant to be conflicting. The first was an observation. The second one was more of an aside or just throwing in my personal opinion on the matter.
  12. ...The salt in this thread is fantastic.. Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing how she plays and what she brings to the game as a whole. I assume they'll bring a couple more characters before the console release, so I hope they keep with the 1-1 of new and old characters.
  13. No shit, I thought that was a lamp..
  14. It's frustrating, yes. However, they've only talked about a loketest for an arcade update. I think we're jumping the gun on pricing/release of a console version. We all know it'll have a decent run in arcades before then and we're not even to that point yet.