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  1. jux

    [CS1] μ-12 Combo Thread (Updated 10.30.10)

    I was messing around with stein explosion combos after 6c, and I found something funny. At the right range if you have a 5d out and do 6c you do 214d-4d-214d-air combo. The 3rd hit of the explosion seems to hit a bit later because the first 2 hits push the character up higher.
  2. jux

    [CS1] Mu-12 Oki and Setups Guide

    I'm been working with a midscreen set up- xx-3c-2b-5c-6c-4d-5d or 5d-4d. Depending on where they are they should land right in between these 2. you can do 236d with 5d-4d if you expect a backdash, or 4d-5d if you expect a jump. The coolest part about this is that you can mix up into 6b-214d-another mixup like 2b5b(2b or 6b). Or you can do 4d-5d-214d, my favorite because it explodes as they recover and all 3 hits last for much longer than it looks. It doesn't actually hit most characters though, although it looks like it might, unless they backdash, move forward or jump. So you can tick throw, or mix-up normally, or just set up more steins.
  3. jux

    [CS1] μ-12 Combo Thread (Updated 10.30.10)

    I didn't see this one yet: 3c-2b-6a-6c-2d-dash5b/2b-5c-2c-j.c-j.2c You can do sj.b-j.c-sj.c-j.2c though for extra damage. Does about 3.4k
  4. jux

    Faust in Accent Core : Matchups

    It looks like he IBed the 2nd hit of J.hs then grabbed.
  5. jux

    Need ways to be annoying with Zappa.

    Begin humming the HnK Ik theme whenever you start a Raoh loop. Trust me from personal experience.
  6. jux

    Faust in Accent Core : Combos

    Did you mean 2D instead of 5D there? Because I don't recall 2S gattling from 5D. Actually there might be an interesting impossible dust set up with the new force break, I need to test something.
  7. jux

    Accent Core : Zappa

    It would seem odd that they would be able to jump and grab you during the active frames of the ghosts explosion on oki. Somthing odd must have happened becuase normally they couldn't jump let alone grab you.
  8. jux

    ACCENT CORE General Discussion

    I have a quick question, if an opponent tries to tick throw pot and then you do the throwback to counter it, could you then pull off a potbuster?
  9. jux

    Faust in Accent Core : General Discussion

    Edit: Never mind j.2k was always lvl 5.
  10. jux

    Faust in Accent Core : General Discussion

    Is there any info on if the ground flower prorates at all? I'm wondering if you can still do a variation of the slash combo, 6h, pogo, k, p, p, GMW in corner, would it do more damage than the slash version, or would the flower make it deal less overall?
  11. jux

    Faust in Slash : Matchups

    Vs Robo I would poke and try to throw in some command grabs. From my experience his most problematic moves were 2k, and leveled up specials. If you can keep him zoned and scared to drop a mat then you should do alright. Be careful in the air, your J.HS should beat and of his air moves though as long as you arn't above him, and avoid using bomb bag if he has a chance and angle to use his j.D. As for eddie... there really isnt that much you can do imo its a terrible matchup. Bomb bag when you get the chance to stop little eddie and for lockdown, make sure you are careful with all your pokes, if you hit little eddie on accident then you are command grabbed for sure. Once he corners you your only chance is a well timed DAA.
  12. jux


    That is it, i'm giving Omega Tom Hanks a damn hitbox.
  13. jux

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    So about that ranking battle thing, who is going? I'd also like to get some MB:AC casuals there too if it is possible, even though it is ver A.
  14. jux

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    So who is going to that tournament tomarrow?
  15. jux

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    I'll try to go, I got Finals to study for but screw them.