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  1. trini1212

    BBCPE Hitbox Viewer by Dantarion!

    No clue how to use this does it work better on pc "I'm on my phone right now "
  2. trini1212

    [CS2] Jin vs Valkenhayn

    Frame traps only work on ppl that don't know the frames.... but what do you mean by use 6c just randomly do it or am I looking for something to for me to do it?
  3. trini1212

    [CS1] Jin Gameplay Discussion v2 (No bitching edition)

    thanks guy for answering my last question i have a other one does any one know how to perform sekkajin with out faill, how many times should i press C or when should i slow down and stop any tips would be gladly appreciated......
  4. trini1212

    [CS1] Jin Gameplay Discussion v2 (No bitching edition)

    sorry for the repost but i haven't been on here in a while...can some one tell me how to juggle after C dp couter hit....when ican i do it and who close to the floor they need to be after the couter hit can can i do it..