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  1. Apologies for the late reply, but thank you for the link.

  2. Hello, I saw your post in the GG story thread and I figured out this could help you: http://kitsoru.tumblr.com/post/58699292125/required-reading-for-ggs-main-plot-in-chronological Also see my post on the Zepp Musem thread

  3. I'm not sure what you're looking for but here's the chibi artworks I can find: http://guilty-gear.wikia.com/wiki/File:Ggxplus_sp_07.jpg http://guilty-gear.wikia.com/wiki/File:Ggxxacplus_mm_01.jpg http://guilty-gear.wikia.com/wiki/File:Special_13.jpg
  4. Can anyone post the sidebars in Accent Core +R? They look cute, so please post them if possible!
  5. YES YESSSSSS Once all the pictures are here the wiki needs an good update <3
  6. YOU KNOW WHAT!? I MISSED YOU ALL OF YOU AND AND THESE DISCUSSIONS. I thought it was over when all ArcSys does is Blazblue then these translations happen and the new GG *sobs*
  7. For me whether Sol is Dizzy biological dad or not, he still have paternal tendencies towards her. I'm just thinking of the men in Dizzy's life: Testament= eternal friend Johnny = guardian Sol = father Ky = lover Sin = son Of course technically they're all her guardians but I just love how Dizzy tends to form deep relationships with people <3
  8. *drinks beer with the 'World's Greatest Dad" mug* :KY: *enters room* :KY: *exits the room an sobs quietly*
  9. "WTF Sin!? Stop saying the word "fuck" you f'cking asshole!"
  10. Wow Sol calling sin his "son" dat is so touching ;_; Sin saying vulgar words and getting kicked- Sol's doing the parenting thing perfectly
  11. ^ Can I call you Blaj or Blaju? OwO
  12. ^ I have a copy of the LtA but transcribed in Korean, someone gave it to me because I requested it (I had a friend who translates Korean but sadly he was busy that time...) I think I ran it up in google translate, but it's been a long time I'll try to confirm if the HOPE belt story is mentioned. Edit: I dunno it may be a good idea to differentiate Blade from Blade of Justice because people might get confused
  13. I believe it was mentioned in the LtA novel... which I never read and I just relied on Blade's translations. LOL I love how this becomes the "Ky Kiske" thread. Again the eyepatch mystifies me. Any ideas?
  14. ^ Yeah... I believe Ky is strong enough to destroy his own family for the good of humanity but the damage to him I just can't imagine. As for Ky's "HOPE" belt I believe I read somewhere that it was because 6 knights sacrificed their lives to save him, I forgot where I read it.
  15. ^ Thanks for the write-up, I understand ^_^ But I've watched the cutscene already a dozen of times I'm familiar with the material. The Nelson Mandela similarities is something new to me though, although in Ky's case I find it reasonable that people would hate Gears. Unlike black people who are the ones actually oppressed, Gears practically almost wiped out humanity and cases like Dizzy, Dr. P and Testament are so miniscule that it's not enough to convince people that Gears aren't evil. People will not easily buy "they were controlled by Justice" explanation because they would also get the impression that Gears are easily manipulated and have no will on their own. Which goes back to Dizzy because... she's the only known Command type Gear! She's not just an ordinary Gear, she ca practically repeat the Holy War if she wants to.Of all the Gears in the planet Dizzy is the one people fear the most and want to disappear. Now I doubt people who want to get rid of her are all evil, probably some of them are like Ky who just wants society to be safe. Now I wanna see Ky face that dilemma, because the enemy of his family may not necessarily be an enemy of humanity, or that his political enemies will be supported by the masses as they still fear Gears. Ky is the leader people have been looking for, and people had this notion that he's the champion of humanity against Gears just imagine if the public finds out that he married one and fathered another.