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  1. Got wrecked at BB, did okay at MvC, got fucking hype as hell on Type Wild. I was playing that most of the day saturday, anyone else?
  2. Rawr.

    [CS2] Iron Tager Combo Thread

    I've noticed in CS2 that Jin eats 360A > Gadget Finger with zero effort. I'm still in the lab, but I've found some interesting stuff with 6A. It seems useful to have combos we can do off of a super armor move, I guess I'll start it off. So far all I've gotten is 6A, 3C, 2B, 2C, AC, 236B Gadget Finger. On a side note, what's up with his new forward throw? It blasts them across the whole damn screen.
  3. Rawr.

    Socal: Arcade Infinity! Let's Match it UP

    Heading to AI today with some friends, anyone from here gonna be there?
  4. Rawr.

    [CS1] Iron Tager Combo Thread

    non-counterhit 5D, 236A, 236A RC 6C, Collider, followup works. Thought that might be worth mentioning since it doesn't need a CH on the 5D. At the edge of 5D's range, the 236A whiffs completely, though.
  5. Rawr.

    Socal: Arcade Infinity! Let's Match it UP

    I was at AI today, did I meet any of you guys without realizing it? I was the white kid in the brown shirt and shorts, playing Tager.
  6. Rawr.

    AC: Combos

    5k or 2k, 5S (5 hits), Gamma ray works anywhere but the corner. Doesn't need counter hit. Scaling tears the damage to shreds with 2K but the 5K version does decent damage. Maybe 35% on Ky from the 2K version, 45%ish from 5K. Not a ton of damage, but you're not doing this for practicality. It's still Gamma Ray :P
  7. Rawr.

    Socal: Arcade Infinity! Let's Match it UP

    Hoping to make it down to AI sometime this summer, I live in Los Alamitos (between seal beach and long beach). I've never been there before, but I play BB, some GG, and a little bit of Melty. I just got my driver's license so I may be heading down there more often.
  8. Rawr.

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    I've never been to AI, I'd need a ride up there. I'm in Los Alamitos (near long beach) and I don't really know any GG or BB players >_>; Help?
  9. Rawr.

    California Love: The SoCali Thread

    Looking for people to play in the Long Beach area. :V I don't really know the GG community at all.
  10. Rawr.

    [CT] Iron Tager General Discussion

    D-pad son
  11. Rawr.

    [CT] Iron Tager General Discussion

    i use an 360 controller because i'm a poor bastard ಠ_ಠ busters are pretty easy on it though, just use the thumb stick lol
  12. liek ohmahgawd. :O

  13. Rawr.

    Put yourself on the COMPETITION MAP!

    Socal? anybody? >_>