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    Easy characters to use in GG?

    Hey, I started with Venom. Venom is a high mid tier character with no horrible matchups. I wouldn't say that he has really hard stuff, he just has a lot of stuff. People should just play who they end up liking and not cry about difficulty. st Honestly, just play all of the characters, eventually one will really suit you, as you will say "Now THIS is the character I need to play" and you won't go back.
  2. DubiousDanzai

    [CT-CS2] Carl vs. Bang

    What do I do, and does my 6a work here?
  3. DubiousDanzai

    [CT] Carl Clover Combos: Clap Trap Inside

    It should probably be noted that Nirvana should be turned off then back on when the throw bounces, thus conserving energy for loops.
  4. DubiousDanzai

    [CT] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    I only wish Carl was much better than he is, so basically I wish I was DIO.
  5. DubiousDanzai

    [CT] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    Must point out a discrepency in the first post, the knife move in the air is refered to as Allegretto, but you have it listed as the move that travels along the floor, which is incorrect. I am not sure where Cantabile goes, but it is not there.